De-lurking is delightful

16 Jan 2007

Apparently last week was International De-lurking Week. It takes a while for news to get to little Tassie so I will make this Tassie De-lurking Day. If you are a visitor and you haven't said "Hello" before now is the perfect opportunity. You don't have to have a blog to comment, just click on the box other or anonymous on the comments page and say "Hello".

"Nice to meet you."

Obviously if you have commented before you can still say "Hello" or whatever you want.

11 Responses to “De-lurking is delightful”

  1. Hello. I've been lurking for a few months now. Your blog is lovely to read, you are very creative and make some beautiful things. I liked seeing the pictures of your garden, its good to remember that while its grey and dismal weather here in the UK, over on the other side of the world you are enjoying your summer.

  2. Hello, I have never commented before. I absolutely love your delightful blog. I visit nearly every day to find out what you have baked, crafted or have pondered about. You seem very sweet and talented.

  3. Hello, I have been reading your blog for a little while now, perhaps 3-4 months. I check in often, perhaps daily, and have really enjoyed seeing your creative projects. I do not blog myself but love visiting blogs from people in various places 'round the world. I'm in Virginia, USA. I love the dolls you make and hope to someday work up the courage to try to make one myself!

  4. I agree with Willow's comment about the weather. At least someone is enjoying a nice warm day today.

    So far this winter is has only snowed when my husband is out of town for work. It is much nicer to shovel snow with him than by myself.

    I should not complain. Our Ohio winter has been rather warm and mild. This is only the second day this season the kids got to play in the snow.

  5. I read most of my blogs on Bloglines. Sometimes I go way too fast to really enjoy them. It's the blog equivalent of "so many books, so little time". Going warp speed through the blogs to catch everyone's news.

    So I'm delurking at least this once. :)

    I do love your blog!

  6. Hello Jenny, I also love to read your blog, I live in Melbourne and dream of a life in beautiful Tasmania. My daughters (15& 17) both love to sit with me and watch the little house series of DVD's, the picture of your daughter dressed up was beautiful. Thank you for sharing your life with us...

  7. I've been lurking mostly, although I might have commented on your blog once before. You've chosen such a cute name for your blog, which originally attracted me, but now I enjoy just seeing your examples of your creativity

  8. Thanks everyone for leaving your comments. It was lovely reading what you had to say and finding out what you enjoy about my blog. I lurk around a few other blogs myself and really enjoy it.

  9. Hi, Jenny! I love the de-lurking image. How delightful.

    Also: I've changed my blog URL...


  10. Hi there. I just found you through Yarnstorm. I love the Aussie content (I'm an expat).
    Hope you have some more rain soon. For us here in the UK it's snowing.
    xx Jo L


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