Bliss and Dry Weather

2 Jan 2007

This blissful picture of feline maternal love makes you want to believe that animals have the same feelings for their offspring as humans. I don't know if that is true but Maggie certainly shows extreme maternal devotion while still managing to take time for herself to sit in the sun and also get plenty of food. She is ravenous all the time and is getting very thin.

The kittens are now 3 1/2 weeks old and have ofcourse been named. The little tabby close to Maggie's face is Puddin, she sleeps a lot, eats a lot and snuggles a lot. She is very sweet. The next one has the very ordinary name of Ginger, what else. He is a dear little fellow, very interested in human voices. The next one is Badger. He has wide blue eyes and a wicked stare, he was the last born and is a little smaller than the others. He is very devoted to his mother. The last one, down near Maggie's tail is Shackleton. She is the oldest and very adventurous. She has a very intelligent but sweet little face.

So far we have not had to do much for them but I think Maggie may start to wean them soon so I will have to find out what I have to do then. They are dear little things and very entertaining to watch as they learn to wash themselves and each other, and practise their pouncing and very erect sitting without losing balance. I don't how we will ever give them away but we don't have to think about that for a few more weeks.

The quintessential summer clothes line must have a few beach towels pegged on it and ours is no exception although the children have only been to the beach once so far. It has been quite mild here and occasionally cool but only one episode of rain that barely made its presence felt. It was wonderful at the time and helped with the bushfires but the gardens are still so dry.

The plants that we have most success with are those that happily self seed or just regenerate without any help from me and only minimal water. This plant with all the bugs is a carrot flower. I don't know what the bugs are, something evil, no doubt. The original carrot seeds were given to me by a friend who had a biodynamic farm. That was about 5 years ago. I let a few go to seed each year and then sprinkle them around and wait to see what happens. I leave the seeds in their outer husk, it makes the seed a more manageable size and my friend said that the husk grips the soil better and helps with germination.

Pyrethrum daisies are used to deter insect pests and they are quite a cute though stinky little flower. I don't remember ever planting these but they pop up in different places each year and I like their cheery faces.

These poppies are a benign relative of the opium poppy which is grown, legally, in Tasmania for the pharmaceutical industry. I bought the seeds for this plant many years ago at a market and they just spread in a very manageable way throughout the garden.

My mother-in-law left today so the house is our own again. I feel as though I have had to postpone staring my new year until our guest had gone. Christmas is starting to disappear and by the Twelfth night only the Christmas tree should be left to put away. Can you believe the supermarket was selling Hot Cross Buns this morning. No doubt next time I go they will have Easter eggs as well. Talk about wish your life away, they keep trying to push us on to the next thing before we have finshed enjoying what we have now. They also had the dreaded Back- to -School things and we still have 5 weeks to go.

7 Responses to “Bliss and Dry Weather”

  1. I really liked the pictures of your kittens and your garden.

    As far as advertisers, it is terrible in the US. Summer holiday ends usually the first week of September, but they started advertising back-to-school things during the first week of July! School had only ended two weeks before!

    Happy New Year!

  2. The Quipper and I were commenting to each other yesterday that our winter had been so mild that though the grass is dormant, it is still green. Still the sky is cold and gray for days on end and it is inspiring to see your lovely garden.

    I have boring mattress pads hanging on the clothesline in my basement now. The out door variety with colorful towels makes quite a contrast!

  3. Interesting--your "carrot flower" looks similar-but-different to our Queen Anne's Lace, whose other name is "wild carrot."

    Love the photos!

  4. The flowers are so beautiful. I really love your pictures.
    Today snow is falling down and it is cold and stormy weather outside. I wish that spring would come soon.

  5. D and I really love your kittens. Maggie seems like such a good mother. Our December is scarily warm, on the DH's birthday the girls picked him a dog rose from the bush near the was fully out. (You generally wouldn't see these until April/May) The carrot flower is lovely and reminds me of cowslips!

  6. I love the pictures of your kittens so much, especially the first one. Along my life I had 5 cats and I am definitely believing that they do have feelings like love and caring.
    Your flower pictures makes me longing for spring, it´s so cold and grey here now. It´s very interesting to see that you have the same kind of flowers like we have in Europe, for your country being so far away I would have never imagined that this is possible. You can even eat the wild carrot, the young leaves and the thick root are good for soups, but you have to be very careful not to confound the plant with other umbellifers, because some are toxic.


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