Well done, Jenny

19 Dec 2006

Time for some knitting I think. No, I haven't finalised the Christmas Dinner menu , and no, I haven't wrapped all the presents. No, my daughter's room hasn't been made over as a guest room and no, I haven't made a replacement Christmas cake to make up for the one my husband ate almost single handedly.

But, yes, I do need a little me time and what better way than to make something luxurious for myself.

Last week I bought a new pattern. A Cleckheaton pattern which I think is probably only available in Australia and New Zealand.
Here is a little blurb about Cleckheaton for those who are interested.

Cleckheaton began its Australian history in 1948, when an Australian knitwear manufacturer, Mr Fred James, travelled to Yorkshire, England
to purchase fine pure wool worsted yarn, which had been in continual shortage in Australia. He bought the yarn and much more:
an entire worsted spinning mill, Cleckheaton (Yorkshire) Ltd.

A year later, the plant, together with managers and mill hands was transported 20,000 kilometres to Shepparton in Victoria. Success followed.
The company grew further through acquisitions and in 1980 merged with Wangaratta Woollen Mills.

Cleckheaton's concentration on natural fibres and blends with an Australian pedigree has established a loyal following throughout Australia, New Zealand, USA, Hong Kong and Singapore. For the past two decades Cleckheaton has developed a status and position of a premium quality brand that exports Australian Yarns and designs all over the globe.

Anyway, last week I had some time to kill while waiting to go see my daughter's youth theatre performance. I popped into the wool shop in town under the guise of buying my mum some new needles and a pattern. A couple of weeks ago I happened upon a wonderful stash of old Bluebell ( Patons) wool at the Salvos shop. An old lady must have been cleaning out her stash or she had passed away and her family donated her wool. It was too good to pass up and many of the colours I thought would look great in a multicoloured sweater for my daughter. Then I decided that it would be a perfect Christmas present for my mum. She loves to knit but feels she has no one to knit for and she can't bear the price of new wool. So I bought her the needles and a good classic childrens pattern and she can be as creative as she wants with her big bag of thrifted wool.

Back to me popping in into the wool shop. I had previously checked out this, see above, Cleckheaton pattern book because they had a knitted up sample of a jacket in the shop and it looked quite nice on me. So, feeling the need to indulge myself I went ahead and bought it and some yarn. I didn't actually buy the prescribed yarn because it had a little white slub effect and I didn't fancy that. Instead I chose a New Zealand yarn made by Naturally . It is 70% merino wool and 30% silk , it has a soft lustre to it that I really like and is wonderful to knit with. I bought 3 balls and the wool shop lady put the rest away for me. I love that concept, it means you don't have to hand over all the money at the start and you don't have to buy more than you need.

What do you think? It goes very well with my new glasses. I'm going to look so "funky" my children won't want to be seen with me.

I have also started knitting this , yes, I'm knitting two at once. I'll see if I can get them done in record time as I want to wear them. I'm using some wool/cotton mix that I had from an abandoned project for this one so there was no extra expense.

Now I have created a little island for myself in the vast ocean of Christmas preparations and I have something wonderful to do in that lovely peaceful time between Christmas and New Year when there is time to reflect on the year that was and wonder about the year to come.

ps. Thank you for all your thoughtful comments on my last post. I felt quite emotional reading some of them. The blogging community is such a supportive one and holds a wealth of experience that is readily shared. Thank you.

5 Responses to “Well done, Jenny”

  1. The sweater in green, pink and purple looks nice. I like the fitted sleeves especially. They are shaped beautifully.

  2. I think it's great that you've taken a little time to spoil yourself - you deserve it! Look forward to seeing the finished products!

  3. Something luxurious for yourself - sounds absolutely wonderful.

  4. The green sweater looks so nice. I wish you a good time and a great pleasure too knit this sweaters.

  5. Jenny, I'm glad you're taking a little 'time out' and being kind to yourself, it can all get a little too frantic. Knitting is a good option for relaxing, and although I never used to enjoy it in the summer that's changed and I have just finished a baby's shawl. Regarding your last post, I guess even though we all have fond memories of times past, continuing certain special traditions while being willing to embrace the changes of the future is the ideal (although it can be hard!). Merry Christmas!


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