Waiting, waiting

9 Dec 2006

We are waiting for Christmas to arrive.

We are waiting for the end of School term to arrive.

But mostly, we are waiting for Maggie's kittens to arrive.

Lying in the sunshine in the hallway before school yesterday son # 2 was having a quiet talk with her as yesterday was her due date. Her tummy is as round as a baseball and she has developed a cute litttle waddle. Do you think she has any inkling of what is about to happen to her? Two kittens have found homes already but I have no idea how many she will have.

I have always lived with cats but few have been allowed to have kittens. Our first cat did have kittens. She was a most unfriendly cat who liked to sleep in my bed at my feet and if I dared so much as to wiggle a toe she would bite me. Mum always said Binty had a tough start to life as she was born in a coal box. That didn't sound too bad to me and was no excuse for bad behavio

The first cat my husband and I had was called Ellie and she was an angel, the dearest, sweeest cat that ever lived. She has kittens but because of some genetic problem they were born partly formed and dead. It was horrendous.
She cleaned them up and loved them but ofcourse we had to take them away. She was fine but it took me a while to recover.

Our other cats, Tom and Phoebe, were never given the chance to reproduce but Maggie slipped through the net and I'm so pleased. What a wonderful Christmas present it will be for the whole anim
al loving family.

Only two more school lunches to go. The last day of school is a half day so after Tuesday no more lunches till Feb 7th. Give me a week and I'll be moaning about children wanting food all day long when they are on holidays. I usually stand at the bench drinking my first coffee of the day, making lunches and answering questions - are there any clean undies hiding anywhere? have you signed my notice? I need bus money - you know the drill. Our kitchen gets little sunshine as it was built to be cool in the summer in the days of wood fired stoves but I do get a little stream of sunshine as I make
the lunches, a little gift just for me.

Did you notice my little geranium or pelargonium I think if you are in the know and I'm not.

I'm developing a "thing" for geraniums at the moment. They are so hardy and waterwise. They flower for ever and always look happy. You can propagate them from a cutting or just a piece snapped off and stuck in the ground. They are very forgiving of neglect . The only thing against them really is that they are not perfumed.

But ofcourse you can get the ones with perfumed leaves. I only have two varieties, the rose scented and the lemon scented. I love the soft pink of the flowers against the green of their leaves and the pale green of our house, My art teacher always said that nature never gets colour wrong and I must agree.

The lemon scented has a slightly larger flower than the rose. I don't use them for anything though I believe you can use them to flavour cooking. I just use them for pleasure.

Christmas n

Don't you think this is a perfect Christmas flower. It is a feijoa(?spelling) and it is a New Zealand Native. It flowers for Christmas and then produces egg shaped green fruit in autumn. The flowers last a long time in a vase which is good because you don't want to take too many because you will get less fruit.

I have succumbed to the Soft Christmas Tree fever that is sweeping blog world. They are fun to make, very quick and you can be as creative as you like with your decorations. I think there is even a flicker group for all those afflicted with this pleasant disease. Thank you Stephanie for your wonderful gift.

9 Responses to “Waiting, waiting”

  1. I love those soft Christmas trees - I've printed the pattern too, just need a sewing machine and fabric and bits and pieces (sounds like another obsession coming on).

  2. I am going to have to make some of those cute trees! I love your genraniums - I think they're such great plants - very hearty and not needing a ton of water (good here in Calif.). Good luck with the kitty baby delivery!!

  3. This soft Christmas trees are so lovely.I have printed the pattern.Perhaps I'll try sewing it today.
    Your geranium are so beautiful. It is one of my favourite flowers. I have 20 pieces geranium. They pass the winter now in my flower cellar

  4. You've inspired me to get some geraniums, must have been the 'very forgiving' part, also it's 38 degrees over here today!
    Kind regards
    Tania in Melb

  5. Good luck to your new mummy. I am cat person, but the DH is severly allergic. You lot have such a lovely long summer break, I envy you. The soft Christmas trees are wonderful, your is the first blog I've seen them on!

  6. We once had a feral cat that liked to have her kittens in our shed. She was a lucky cat to have chosen such a place as unfortunately she suffered a prolapse of the womb of course we called the vet out and she was rushed away complete with kittens , no bigger than my thumb. She sort of moved in when she returned from the vets although she never really liked people but her kittens became completely tame and lived out their lives with us.

  7. The little trees are cute! The white ric-rac looks like snow on branches. The button tree is my favorite though. I have some of the pelargonium in my flower garden. I knew it was related to the geranium, but I did not know for certain what its name was. I'm am glad they are hearty, because my garden plans and dreams far exceed my capabilities. They are special to me because dad let me take transplants from mom's garden.

  8. My children asked me to add that they look forward to photos of newborn kittens. Soon your quiet time will be fileld with sweet little "mews."

  9. Jenny, I think your trees look great~the red and green is my favorite! Mine are stuffed but still waiting to be finished.


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