Red and Green

7 Dec 2006

Red and green are the traditional colours of Christmas even in this neck of the woods.

My Christmas decorations are slowly appearing and I'm not sure they all "fit" me anymore but some have a sentimental value even if the style is no longer so attractive to me.

Most of our decorations are handmade either by me or the children or bought at craft fairs.

Our Advent Wreath is Wreathless at the moment which is a bit slack of me but it has been a busy week.

The dollmaking classes I have been taking finished this week and although we had a marathon session not all the dolls were finished. More classes are to be organised in the New Year.

All the children like to tinker on the piano as well as the other instruments they play. The carol books are brought out each year. This one dates from my childhood in the 60s.

I made this chess board for my eldest son some years ago and even though it is out all the time it looks seasonal for Advent and sits across the back of a chair.

I did a little Christmas shopping today. I haven't been to town since Christmas fever struck. It was a bit daunting even though I avoided the busiest areas. It would be so easy to get sucked into spending way more than you can afford. I just kept reminding myself to stay on track.

Every year I am tempted to buy as many pre-Christmas presents for myself as I do real presents. That is my greatest struggle. I did well today though. I felt quite calm and relaxed.

Because we have a limited budget for gifts most of my energy goes into planning and trying to ensure that I give something that is appropriate and heartfelt rather than a duty present.

On the knitting front I am continuing with the tree skirt and to divert myself from doing things I know I have to do I am knitting my daughter a pair of socks. I didn't think to take a picture but they are coming along well. I've just turned the heel and am heading off up the foot. The best thing about socks is that once you finish knitting they are done. No tiresome stitching up, just darn in the ends and put them on.

It is actually good for me to alternate between projects using different sized needles as I tend to get forearm pains if I don't. So to have projects of different weights, different needle sizes and different stitch patterns is what I have to do to prevent getting overuse symptoms.

Does anyone else have this problem and what is your solution?

10 Responses to “Red and Green”

  1. I like your beautiful dolls, the little angel is so lovely. My colours of christmas are red and green, too.Advent ist a very nice time, especially the decoration.

  2. Your xmas preparations look wonderful - and the dolls are amazing! My favourite christmas colours have to be red, green, silver and gold - I am rather traditional when it comes to such things!

  3. I've been unable to open your photos, but I'll come back and try again later.

    I love reading about your Christmas preparations. It brings a sense of sanity and simplicity back to the process. Thank you.

  4. I love your Christmas decorations - my long-term goal is to only have handmade decorations.
    I have the same problem with knitting and arm pain - I do the same as you, alternate between projects, even on the same night. I always start with the project on the smallest sticks and work my way up.

  5. The angel is very beautiful.
    I love handmade decorations, and am unable to part with any of the ornaments my children made when they were little.

  6. I have the problem you mentioned. My elbow hurts if I work on the same thing for too long. I used to think it was just knitting, but if I change projects it seems to help. I'm knitting some cotton chenille washcloths for Christmas gifts and I find that it is harder on me. I wonder if it is because there is no give in chenille.

  7. Your angel is so beautiful and lovely. I like angels.
    My favourite christmas colours are red, green and gold.
    I love to read about your christmas preparations.
    Your handmade decorations are wonderful.My children have made also christmas decorations

  8. I love the Christmas banner on your fireplace, so homey and beautiful. Regarding knitting pains. I'm slowly switching to wooden needles, it does seem to help, they are considerably lighter, but it's an expensive business.

  9. Christmas decorations do have enrmous sentimental value don't they. I actually try to get much of my Christmas present shopping done out of season as I find it much easier to stick to a budget if I pick things up that I think someone will like as and when I see it. If I wait until Dec I sometimes panic and spend far more than I had planned.
    By the way your dolls are looking beautiful.

  10. I don´t have problems with my hands or arms when knitting with a specific size, but I need the variety. Some knitting is good for the afternoon while talking and having beside tea and cake, some is with a lot of counting and just for quiet moments, and some are for TV knitting. But my problem is, that I sometimes start too many knittings and never find the right time to finish it.
    I love you little doll, so nice. And for me Christmas decorations should not be modern or new every year, I love the continuity of having them year after year. Old, but loved a lot. Stay with yours, they are beautiful, I especially envy you for your old Carol book.


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