Punter to Punter

6 Dec 2006

( Grace Cossington Smith)

What about the cricket hey?!!!!!

Did I ever mention there are quite a few Pontings in my family tree.

4 Responses to “Punter to Punter”

  1. Would you believe, I don't even know how a game of cricket works outside of the basics (men hit ball, they run)? heh, I tried to avoid sports wherever possible - my husband has to translate scores (with much loathing on both sides...)! The only game I liked playing was rounders, and the only sport I can watch is rugby (especially when Wales is playing!) ;-)

  2. Pontings Hey? You Go Jenn!

  3. It's been a bit of a roller coaster ride hasn't it? It's had me gripped, I must admit, but sometimes it's just too painful to be English....sob, sob, sob.


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