Lily Divine

12 Dec 2006

Finally I have liliums blooming in my garden. I have planted them several times before without success. My sister gave me some bulbs for Christmas last year and I almost forgot to plant them. I certainly had forgotten where I planted them. Aren't they beauties? There is this yellow plus a bright orange and a more bronze coloured orange.

I have made a few little Christmas babies with kurrajong pod cradles. I don't think the kurrajong tree is native to Tasmania but there is one in the City Park and I picked up a small bag full of seed pods last year. The seeds are surrounded by an itchy fuzz but once you remove that it makes a nice little bed.

Oh, by the way, the bush fires in Tassie are no where near us or any of our friends or relatives but they are awful just the same . We had spent a holiday at Scamander a couple of years ago, 18 homes were lost there last night and St Helens is threatened tonight.

My re-aforestation project continues unabaited with several more soft trees rolling off the production line. These little trees are highly addictive. The three pictured here are a gift either for my sister or my brother. I have decorated them with sequins and jewels that were included in my pincushion swap parcel from Kim.

School finishes tomorrow, son #1 gets his exam results next Monday and then we can forget all about school until late January. School speech nights are tonight and tomorrow but we are boycotting them this year. After 5 years of speech nights we are rebelling, it feels very naughty.

As requested, here are some more kitten pics. Some don't seem to be quite focussed, it must be the new glasses. The little ones seem to have grown a little more each time I look at them and their personalities are beginning to show through.

This is a tangle of kittens. Maggie likes to have some time without them and they seem happy on their own as long as they are in a bundle.

5 Responses to “Lily Divine”

  1. Oh my goodness I missed the birth announcement, they are just so adorable. Many congratulations!

  2. Those little trees are just lovely! Had a giggle at you "wagging" speech night!.
    Take care

  3. Those trees are so addictive, aren't they? I've made soooo many, and three more tonight.

    And I love your Christmas babies. When Son #2 was in Prep, the teacher brought in a huge bunch of those seedpods and the children scraped them out to put little acorn babies in them. Only no one knew about the itchy stuff inside the pods, and the teacher had to deal with 23 itchy scratchy children soon after!

    We use the same pod on our advent table as Baby Jesus' cradle.

  4. Ha ha ha! I can relate to Maggie wanting some time alone! Today I have my neighbor's two and three year olds playing with my four your old. It is wild, loud, and crazy in here.

    All the adornments you have chosen for the various trees look nice.

    The seed pods remind me of our milkweed pods. When I was little mom helped me make some ornaments from those. They too have a silk to be peeled away. I wonder if the plants are related. Milkweed is not a tree, though.

    Marie N.

  5. I love the little dolly in the seed pod - it looks just like a Borrowers baby! The kittens are so adorable too - have you any names for them?


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