Hot Socks

3 Dec 2006

Three years ago my two youngest children made this Christmas star from twigs and string and decorated it with wool held on with sticky tape. Can you believe the tape is still holding. I have wrapped parcels and had the tape fall off after a few minutes. It must be Christmas magic. Or the magic touch of a small child. My eldest son taped a gum leaf to his cap when he was 3 and it never fell off.

Our Advent calendar looks very uninspiring at the beginning but gets a lot better as the days pass. It has little crocheted ornaments for each day plus a chocolate ofcourse

My Christmas tree skirt is taking shape with two of the three sections complete. Don't worry that the sections are not the same, I did that on purpose. I decided the red section would be as big as one ball of the wool. Because it is from the thrift shop and has been used before the balls are not uniform. I also decided to do what ever took my fancy design wise. The sections will be crocheted together using dark green wool and there will be a crocheted border around the whole thing to tie it all together.

: if the newly washed cricket socks are a bit damp and you don't have a tumble drier place soggy socks in fanforced oven on about 40C for 15-20 minutes. Works a treat

My poor garden is so dry, we have not had rain for more than a month . We have had many sunny days and many windy days and the garden is gasping.

Only the sturdiest survive.

3 Responses to “Hot Socks”

  1. Well the garden might be parched but those flowers seem to be loving it. Your oven drying reminded me of something that happened when my youngest was about 4. The boys were fishing for tadpoles at a friends house, supervised by their father and his friend, of course Edward fell in the pond. The men decided to get his clothes dry before us wives turned up and put them in the microwave! They melted. But the really funny part was that when Emma and I returned from whereever we had been she felt it necessary to point out to her husband that they did have a tumble dryer so why use the microwave!

  2. Hi Jenny,
    Thanks for visiting and for the worcestershire sauce recipe. I'll definitely be trying it once we pick some plums. Also I cooked up some of your red onion marmalade when we had a BBQ recently - delicious.

  3. I enjoyed everything you shared with us but I especially like the Christmas star story--it really touched me. Thank you for sharing it.


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