A Borrower's Bower

13 Dec 2006

While doing a pre-Christmas scrub I decided to do a thorough job and clean under the piano.

Do you detect a theme here?

Apart from the very obvious fact that I haven't cleaned here since last Christmas as seen by the tell-tale Christmas baubles, all the objects are RED.

Have you heard of the Bower Bird, an Australian bird that likes to collect things of one particular colour, usually blue, to decorate its nest
and attract appreciative females?

Do you think there is some kind of "Bower " beastie that hides under the piano and collects any reddish items that come close enough? Or perhaps The Borrowers have established a collection station to store goodies until they are ready to take them under the house. I loved that book so much when I was a young girl. My friend and I used to play Borrowers under her house for hours. Ofcourse I was always Arrietty.

If you have only ever seen the movie make sure you read the book, I'm sure you'll love it too. I don't know how you will explain wanting to play under the house though.

9 Responses to “A Borrower's Bower”

  1. I don't even want to think about what could be under my piano or couch or chair! I am terrible about moving furniture to clean--unless we are moving, of course!

  2. Cleaning is something I do in between all of my art and craft projects! When I do find the results of my neglect, I usually do not think of the bower bird. He sounds so nice. The term, "pack rat" comes to mind instead! I loved reading all of the Borrower books! Thanks for reminding me of the many happy hours I had reading and thinking of them!

  3. It is such a good thing we don't have a house you can get under or my daughter would have been under there for sure! She loves the Borrowers. And a great deal of her imaginary play is inspired by books.

    The books that she "plays" the most are Harry Potter (of course!) and My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George.

  4. When I was a young girl I love reading this book too. Thanks for reminding me...

  5. You're putting me to shame! I cannot move our piano by myself. The last vacuume under there was probably 16 months ago when the last tuning took place.

    Thanks for the book recommendation, this looks like one my daughter would enjoy.

    Marie N.

  6. I think that's a pretty good haul you've got there...and colour co-ordinated! I don't want to think about what's down the side of our sofa, The Borrowers wouldn't want it and that's for sure as F seems to use it as a hidey-hole for all of her gunk!

  7. I love this post, the idea of borrowers in the house is just so enchanting, I remember wanting them to move in as a child.

  8. I don´t know this book, I think it is not published here in Germany, but I always love tales about little people, who are living in trees or hollow mushrooms, so cute and lovely and such tales are making the world a bit more magical and enchanted.
    This was such a wonderful post, love your red things since last Christmas and the story of the bird. Very charming.

  9. Heck! I loved all the Borrowers books as a girl. I even had a "Borrower" house set up in a cupboard in my bedroom - complete with potato and razor blade to slice pieces from it. Sometimes the dolls also went adrift too. I didn't go and see the movie for fear of being disappointed.


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