A Triumph for Lady Tottington

9 Nov 2006

Here is Lady Tottington modelling the latest spring story..........

Straight from the Tasmanian catwalk at the Spring fashion shows........

Its says spring , it says vogue, it says original......

Sporting the latest up-do to show of her refined and elegant neck......

Lady Tottington is the next big thing in society supermodels.....

She begins her world tour tomorrow when she heads of to the USA to take part in the latest Pincushion Challenge Swap

Farewell brave Lady Tottington and good luck on your new adventure.

Based on an original pattern by Joy White and featured in Australian Country Threads Vol 2 No 11

13 Responses to “A Triumph for Lady Tottington”

  1. Oh she is wonderful!!

    I'm so glad she is a pincushion. For a second there, I thought you had taken my brilliant doll/tea cozy idea right out of my brain. ;-)

  2. Oh, she's so fun! I'm sure she'll love it here in the US!

  3. Divine Lady T - I'm glad (and somewhat relieved) to find she is a pin cushion and not a toilet paper cover...
    She's lovely!

  4. She is beautiful Jenny!
    Tania in Melb

  5. She looks so calm and regal....will she have that same impassive look when lots of little pins are eventually stuck in her bottom, I wonder? Ouch!

  6. Oh my goodness I clicked onto your site and was met by the charming face of Lady Tottington, but things just got better and better. More and more photographs. I absolutely adore her!Going back for another look.
    Carolyn x

  7. This Lady is too beautiful than to pin needles into her, I would never dare to do so. She is gorgeous and funny and would look great in every woman´s studio - your recipient is a very lucky one.
    And I wish you could teach me also how to make Waldorf dolls, they are so lovely.

  8. Nice work! I do love her hairstyle and her bouquet. She is quite a Lady.

  9. Jenny you are brilliant. She is just charming !! Clarice

  10. lI have to say, that is the cutest pin cushion I ever did see. :)

  11. I love her! Her hair, her neck, her arms, she's perfect.

  12. Oh she is just delectable.


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