Triple Tops

12 Nov 2006

Awoke to the wonderful sound of rain on the tin roof and it has continued softly for most of the day. Bliss. The rain was needed and it meant I didn't have to decide about gardening; or baking and knitting.

Awoke to the sound of Mr Wren saying "*?!##*?!##**?% rain and my #!**??#!$$* ankle is really sore. How am I going to run 20 kms up and down three mountains today?" Yes, that's right , three mountains - Mt Claude, Mt Van Dyke and Mt Roland, in the Kentish district of NW Tasmania close to Paradise and Beulah. This was for fun !

Awoke to a strange choking sound as Maggie the cat tried to cough up a forget-me-not seed induced fur ball.

Now , 12 hours later : the rain has stopped, Mr Wren has returned home in triumph and is now off watching both sons play indoor soccer games , daughter is trying to make our graying, rather smelly dog look pretty and I am avoiding organising dinner by playing on the computer.

Having finished THE cardigan I am also now free to start planning something else, maybe one of my vintage patterns..........

ps: the photos are not actually my husband, he has more hair.

3 Responses to “Triple Tops”

  1. Well done Mr Wren! Although it sounds like absolute turture! Regarding vintage patterns are we talking knitting or sewing?

    My word verification is "travl" quite appropriate considering Mr Wren's efforts.

  2. Sounds like you've had a great day, not so sure about Mr Wren though! Rather him than me. Please tell hime well done.

  3. We awoke today to rain as well... but a wintry, blowsy rain, that made keeping by the fire and marking papers feel so cozy and nice. The sun poked through a bit this afternoon, for the neighbor boys to come over and play ball in the front field with mine.. and now that dusk is here, the wind and dark clouds are gathering back... just like November here should be.


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