Trees, Puddings and Grannie's Glasses

23 Nov 2006

My little one is away at camp for two days. Not such a big deal really as she has stayed over at friends' houses for longer but it signifies the start of her grown up education.

She packed all her own things and did a wonderful job. She wanted to be very organised. I hope she has a wonderful time. Her school has a very comprehensive outdoor education programme and this is just the beginning.

I had my eyes tested today for new glasses. I have only ever had glasses for reading and sewing and only for the past five years but my eyesight has deteriorated and now I need glasses all the time.

My children, especially my middle child, were worried I would end up looking like a grandmother instead of a mother so I was under instruction to get funky glasses. I think they are pretty funky without looking desperate, you know, desperate to look younger. I think maybe they are so funky I might need to update my wardrobe. I don't get them for a week or so, I hope I still like them.

Marie asked if we have a live Christmas tree or an artificial one. We used to buy a little conifer in a pot every couple of years but unless you want to live in a pine forest this can only go on for a few years. Then we had my parents old silver tinsel tree that I loved as a child. That only lasted about three years as it was starting to get quite tatty. After that we bought an artificial Colorado Pine Christmas tree. It does look beautiful when its decorated .

If you want a real tree around here people either have a little one in a pot or buy a branch of a pine tree which never sits right in the pot and because of the heat and hanging around waiting to be sold looks half dead before it is even decorated.

My auntie always used to go into the bush and cut down a little She Oak which is sometimes called a native Christmas tree. Unless you own some land this kind of pillaging of the bush is frowned upon these days

We generally put our tree up on the first Saturday of the school holidays, about 2 weeks before Christmas day. Many people put their tree up on Dec 1st. We put our wreath on the door on Dec 1st and also begin our advent calendar. We have an Advent wreath which lies on a shelf in the hallway decorated with a candle for each Sunday in Advent and another for Christmas day. We sing a short verse each Sunday as we light the candle.

Ofcourse this Sunday is Stir up Sunday and I will be stirring up my Christmas Pud and making wishes, most probably wishing my Auntie will relent and return to the honoured position of chief pudding maker next year.

5 Responses to “Trees, Puddings and Grannie's Glasses”

  1. It would definitely be an adjustment for me to think of "heat" for Christmas. It have been some Christmases that were so warm that we have been unable to have a fire in the fireplace, but Christmas is usually cold in the Northeast. I have never heard of a Stir up Sunday. Please tell us more!

    Don't feel too bad about wearing glasses. My middle son just got a pair of glasses that he really didn't need for job interviews because they are supposed to make you look more intelligent! Go figure!

  2. "Stir up we beseech Thee, O Lord, the wills of thy Faithful people; that plentiously rewarded" I never get to make my puddings on Stir up Sunday. I'm always too early or too late and I forget when Trinity ends...Glasses will make you look intellectual and sophisticated (unless you buy the Elton John type, he, he, he. Have you been following the Ashes? Eek!

  3. Ah! So much I never considered about the tree and the time of year...thank you.

    I needed my first glasses at age 16. There are many nice styles to choose from. I must agree with Plain and Simple about the Elton John style though :-)

  4. P&S, ofcourse we are following the Ashes.And ofcourse I hope we beat England soundly and send them packing. Can't bear seeing cocky English cricketers, mind you , if Freddie Flintoff was Australian I'd think he was great.

  5. Isn't aging grand ! Likewise my eyes have seriously detiorated in the past 3 yrs since I started wearing glasses for reading. I wear them constantly when knitting and now find I require them for computer work. As we are identical in age Jenny, I say we haven't done so bad to get this far.

    Hoping you will keep us posted step by step on your Christmas pudding adventure.


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