Ribbons and Geraniums

10 Nov 2006

I have finally finished my daughter's cardigan. I haven't put it together yet so no pictures until that is done. I went to town today to buy the ribbon for it and I think I found just the right colour.

I love ribbons, so essentially female. The ultimate indulgence ( if you don't count chocolate, yummy underwear, a beautiful new book........). Perhaps it's the ultimate affordable indulgence or perhaps ribbons are just nice to buy.

I always had short hair as a child, my sister had long so she had hair ribbons and I did not. But I did have hair bands made out of ribbon and elastic.

Now I have a daughter who has long hair and so we many ribbons.

My eldest son has started his HSC exams and they continue for the next two weeks. Where did the time go ? I can clearly remember my own exams and how important I thought they were. From this distance it doesn't seem so important. One way or another we move towards our goals whether we get into the course of our choice or not.

" Yet, even out of these unpromising materials, in a room which was a kitchen, livingroom, nursery, and wash-house combined, some women would contrive to make a pleasant, attractive-looking home. A well-whitened hearth, a homemade rag rug in bright colours, and a few geraniums on the window-sill would cost nothing, but make a great difference to the general effect. Others despised these finishing touches. What was the good of breaking your back pegging rugs for the children to mess up when an old sack thrown down would serve the same purpose, they said. As to flowers in pots, they didn't hold with the nasty, messy things." Lark Rise by Flora Thompson

3 Responses to “Ribbons and Geraniums”

  1. Love that quotation. It is strange isn't how exams, resuts etc seemed so important and yet when you actually get out there in the real non academic world you realise that its your determination that really matters. I have always tried to give my kids a balanced view with regard to qualifications etc, I mean if you fail an exam so what re-sit it. Hopefully this will take away some of their stress. Good luck to your son.

  2. Best of luck to your Son and the HSC! (and to you)
    Tania in Melb

  3. What a great quote from "Lark Rise". It is a book which inspired a lot of 1960s/70s folk music, I love it and you've inspired me to re-read it. I am really struggling to find my kintting "mojo" at the minute. I'm knitting a little striped cardigan for my niece, but I'm having to force myself to pick up the needles. Oh dear!


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