Recreation Day. Yay!!

6 Nov 2006

For all my good intentions I did not get my daughter's cardigan finished. Who knew a 9 year old could have such long arms. Who knew a 47 year old could be so easily distracted. I have had a weekend of cooking, talking, home busyness and I also managed to finish off a few small projects that have been waiting for their moment for quite some time.

This little fellow is from a pattern I found in the Salvos shop - yes I've been there again. I would guess the pattern is from the mid to late 1960s as it is printed in Australia and has the price in both pence and cents. Australia changed to Decimal currency in early 1966 so I'm guessing it is from around that time.

It is quite a novelty for me to make an animal in such bright colours as I normally try to stick to realistic animal colours. I couldn't resist though as the animals featured on the pattern looked so pretty. The pattern had been used. Both the puppy pieces and the rabbit ones had been carefully cut out and stored in separate envelopes.

So now he is finished. I love his eager stance and happy face. I have put him in my Etsy Store along with a couple of hot water bottle covers. I didn't have anyone to give him to and I'm happy for him to go to a good home.

My daughter's best friend, who just lives up the road, stayed over last night. Although it was a Sunday night it was also a holiday night as we have had a long weekend . That means that today was a holiday. Officially it was Recreation Day. I don't know the history of it but only those in the north of the state get the holiday. It has always been so and it is a much loved holiday.

The girls decided to make a cake for dessert and mother was not really concentrating when she gave instructions. Consequently the cake had twice as much butter as it should. It looked very nice and the children loved it. The adults found it rather greasy.

I don't know if Jane ever visits this blog but here is a picture of the knitted apron pattern I have had for many years and have never been brave enough to try because I thought that cotton yarn would be too heavy and perhaps pull out of shape. I might try knitting it in the linen yarn that Jane used and see how it goes.

12 Responses to “Recreation Day. Yay!!”

  1. That little dog is sooo cute! My daughter would love for me to make one of those but I don't think it would turn out much looking like it should! Those hot water bottle covers are great too (I love my hot water bottle in winter - can't sleep without warm feet!) You are so talented.

  2. Cute little pupster. I'm itching to make a toy again.

    I wanted to say I tried your shortbread recipe I found browsing your blog and it was so easy and the result was so tasty it is my new favourite biscuit recipe. Thank you.

  3. I love the bright colours, he looks wonderful. I found a pattern for a knitted apron on "knitty" but have been too chicken to try it!

    Re: not quite right cake...the other day I made an orange and chocolate chunk cake my D said "it nice but the chunks have sunk to the bottom" my F, completely misunderstanding what was said, replied "I don't have a stunky bottom!"....

  4. Wow! You have been busy and you are so talented!

  5. I really love your water bottle covers !! Clarice

  6. Love the puppy dog, are you going to make any of the other animals? I like the pony. That apron pattern looks great, Jane's was rather swish wasn't it?

  7. Your handiwork is lovely! I am especially fascinated by the knitted apron. I've never seen one before, but it makes such perfect sense. Maybe, I'll try a similar project.

    I also love the cute little dog.

    Any holiday named "Recreation Day" sounds great to me. I wonder if it could ever catch on here in the U.S.

    I hope you're enjoying a wonderful "spring", just as we are having a nice "fall".

  8. Such a cute and bright toy! When I read your first lines, it reminded me of my Mum who used to complain about the length of my arms when she was knitting for me in my childhood. Strangely, now that I knit for myself, I find that I always have to shorten the sleeves...

  9. LOVE the dog - just my colours - bright and bold!! and the hot water bottle covers - I should make these - they would be excellent presents! greasy cake sounds strange - but trust teh kids to like it!! take care

  10. Love the pup. Great color choice. I love handmade animal toys and dolls. They are just so much more special than storebought ya know?

  11. He looks wonderful in those bright colors! Someone will be sure to love him.
    I never saw a knitted apron before!


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