A Pleasant Life.

29 Nov 2006

I keep finding little surprises on my camera these days. My daughter has taken to sneaking away with it and working on her photography skills.

I enlisted her help with these dollie pictures. We are trying to decide between plaits or pigtails. This is not the prize doll but one for my etsy shop. She is a 16" doll, a size I haven't made lately as I have been concentrating on the smaller dolls.

Dear Jackie sent me these two beautiful magazines that arrived yesterday. I managed to have a good look at them today and had a lovely time with my mum who especially liked all the cookies and sweets. Thanks so much Jackie it was very kind and generous of you.

I used to buy Martha Stewart magazines some years ago and then they became rather expensive with the Aussie dollar diving around so I stopped and haven't really looked at them since. This Christmas one has lots of really good handmade gift and decorating ideas.

Poor mother-to-be Maggie is feeling very tired lately and a bit grumpy when messed around with. I think she has about 1 1/2 weeks to go which equals being 7 1/2 months pregnant for a human. Remember how you felt then; a bit tired, a bit tetchy and maybe a little overwhelmed by what lay ahead.


Below is a picture of my new glasses

Don't you think they make me look like Nana?

They are actually "funkier" on me than on Grover. I mean Grover is so funky already the glasses just pale in comparison.

My house is no longer my own: son #1 has finished his exams and so finished school for the year, my daughter has been home for two days with an upset tummy and my husband starts 2 MONTHS of holidays on Friday. Much as I love my family I feel a little panicked at having company all the time. The other two children start holidays in two weeks also and in three weeks my mother-in-law arrives. I love having the house to myself during the day, probably only because I know my solitude is finite and come 3.30pm the house fills up every day. I enjoy my own company as long as it is not a life sentence.When I want company during the day it is always available, either face to face, on the phone or through the blogosphere but many days I'm just as happy to spend time with my own thoughts, keeping up with the housework , the gardening and ofcourse doing craft.
A very pleasant life.

PS. I'll post the Worcestershire sauce recipe soon. Also , the red onion marmalade is a fresh marmalade and not meant to be kept for a long time. It lasts two to three days if kept refrigerated.

10 Responses to “A Pleasant Life.”

  1. I love the new specs. What's wrong with Nana? Euro-cool (if there is such a thing). Anyway, I've flicked through Martha Stewart Magazine but have been a bit scared by it, let me know how you get on!

    PS. Enjoy your "company"!

  2. Good luck to Maggie! Great specs and don't you just wish you could have 2 months holiday?

  3. The sauce recipe sounds interesting! I never thought of making it! My husband would like me to try the onion marmalade. I am looking forward to trying it!

  4. I like the glasses, soon you'll be comfortable with them too.

    For the doll, I'm partial to the braids. I think I like long hair because my mom always had mine cut short. I *hated* looking like a boy!

    It is rewarding to read posts such as "A Pleasant Life." Your happiness is contagious.

  5. The doll is very cute ~ very nice pictures also! I love gifts of magazines ~ I have the Mary Englebreit but not Martha's Holiday issue ~ enjoy!
    I like the glasses, which happen to be very similar in shape to mine; and I agree that having the house to oneself each day is "a very pleasant life"!

  6. Sounds like a busy few months ahead for you! I love your specs - they are very "now". I'd go for pigtails on the doll - that way the recipient can plait them if (s)he wants or leave them out. And her little top is very cute (and Christmassy)

  7. The doll is lovely, she looks so friendly and intelligent.

    I love a little solitude too, that peaceful echo of the house. My husband started working from home a few months ago which makes my solitude time all the more precious.

  8. what LOVELY blooms...and ADORABLE doll!! i'd say your daughter is doing a great job with the camera :)

  9. It is the same with me - as much as I love my family, I love to have the time during the day spent alone. I am used to my daily routine, it´s so nice when nobody stands behind you. I like to do my homework slowly, interrupting it for a break if I like to, and when I am not alone I always feel a kind of pressure to be very very busy.
    And I love your new spectacles, very trendy.


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