Knitting Stuff.

14 Nov 2006

What do you keep in your knitting basket/bag? This is probably a very personal question and certainly a visitor or even a family member should never just go and look through your knitting basket. It's a private space and the perfect place to hide a secret chocolate stash, not that I would ever do that ofcourse. My knitting basket thingy came free with a magazine subscription. Before it sailed into my life I used various baskets and still do but this is now my main spot.

It is where all my bits and pieces live as well as my main knitting project. My bits and pieces live in a rather glamorous vinyl pencilcase that has travelled to hospital with me for the birth of each of my children . I guess that is why when I tipped its contents out I found the little ID bracelet they put on my daughter when she was born.
I know there are lots of really groovy knitting accessories around but I don't have any. Most of my things date from when knitting was something your mum and Auntie did and was pretty daggy (uncool). For some reason my tatting shuttle lives in the pencilcase - I haven't tatted for 20 years but when the urge strikes me I'll be ready.
The obligatory stitch holders are supplemented with nappy pins for small projects and the airline ruler dates from a trip in 1999 best remembered for travelling alone with three children who all threw up during the two hour flight and the best the stewards could do was throw a warm wet towel my way and run.
Notepad and pencil are self explanatory but also used to write Christmas lists etc - remember the knitting basket is a private place. Also found two packs of vintage double point needles that had been hiding at the bottom of the pencilcase. I had wondered where they were.

In the side pocket of my knitting basket thingy rests my tape measure - I found three more under all the knitting - my needle gauge and my trusty Figsen tin that I have had since I left home, eons ago. In it there are more safety pins, my needles to sew up my knitting and some berry head pins that hopefully don't get lost in the knitting.

Ofcourse a knitter needs a good selection of needles....

......some reference books ( more to be found on the bookshelf) ......

.........and lots of pretty wool to look at, touch, smell, play with and have fun sorting through to find just the right one for whatever little project you dream up.

Now, I've shown you mine, won't you show me yours?

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  1. A whole drawer full of those delightful blues and greens! Be still my heart!

    I'm a baby knitter. I learned garter stitch in high school and did nothing with it for 20+ years. Then just about one year ago now, Dances With Wool completely inspired me and I picked it up again with a passion. I was thankful for having kept the pairs of needles I had been given way back when.

    My stash of yarn is limited to leftovers, odd ends I've been given and the yarn I purchased for the next two specific projects.

    I like your idea for a post though, and hopefully within the week I'll be able to respond with one like it.

  2. You have a lovely stash! Thanks for the inspiration Jenny - look out for pics of mine next week!

  3. Now those are the supplies of a very serious knitter!! What a stash of needles, and the wool ... such beautiful colours!!

    Now my knitting basket ... well it contains some leftover wool, the only three pairs of needles that I have, a couple of stitch holders, and an old pattern book. I'm afraid it's so unused as a knitting basket that it's also been stuffed with unrelated bits and bobs that needed a home for a while!

    Jackie in ON

  4. Oh my gosh! I have never seen so nice a yarn collection as the one you have. I would love to have all that yarn to choose from. I especially loved the green and turquoise colored ones.

  5. That's is a mighty fine stash you have there Jenny. I feel I should let you have a peak inot my knitting basket, seeing I made you show your fridge to the entire blogosphere!

  6. You must remember that I have been knitting my own sweaters since I was 13 and knitting for my husband and family for more than twenty years. That's plenty of time to gather lots of orphan balls of wool. I only need little bits and pieces for my dolls clothes and toys so it's hard to say no to a special ball when you only need one.

  7. Oh what lovely wool so pretty, and all those books. I've only just started to knit so I don't have anything likke that to share but you have inspired me to go and get myself a knitting basket - somewhere to hide things. Wonderful!

  8. Very tidy stashs of yarn ! Our knitting supplies look very similar. I will have to take some pictures of my knitting baskets and such to share

  9. how fun to see your stash!! such beautiful combinations of colors :) and those tins full of knitting needles!! how i envy that gorgeous collection!! :)

  10. Your surely have created 'knitters' Heaven', Jenny. The wool looks 'delicious', the colours are beautiful. I can imagine the thrill of looking at it, touching and caressing it, even smelling it.

    The pink cardigan in the early post is so lovely. Well done.

  11. Hi Jenny, I loved seeing all your knitting stuff and hearing the history behind some of it. I especially love all your yarns in so many beautiful colors. I am also thinking you're right, the knitting basket would be a great place to stash some (dark) chocolate!!

  12. So sorry for not having seen this post earlier, it would have been nice to show my own knitting basket. Or no, mine is by now way well-ordered as yours, my knitting things and yarns and needles are spreaded around the whole house, no good idea, really, to show it to a www-audience. I love your straight needles, I am always using round-needles and they are not looking very nice, but if I would knit with straight ones, what a lovely embellishment a jug filled with them for my desk! And what a wonderful idea of collecting single skeins per colour, this would work much better for collection some than thrown in just one big basket like I do. Thanks for this great inspiration!


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