The Knitting Room

17 Nov 2006

I received a programme for 10 Days on the Island today and look what I discovered inside:

Here is the blurb that goes with it.

The Knitting Room: Yarns from the Fifties returns for Ten Days. Memories of the 1950s have been fashioned using colourful yarns and threads, and melded into this unique installation. Snippets of daily life remembered from half a century ago have been converted into domestic objects, large and small, by employing the traditional skills of knitting, crochet, weaving and stitching. The amalgam of these individual pieces, each a slice of personal history, provides an insight into a life that is at once familiar and old fashioned.
In The Knitting Room, the philosophy of 'waste nothing' has led to the production of colourful floor rugs and an assortment of wall coverings, all from the odds and ends of scrap wool. Come and meet Mr and Mrs Howell, their four children and their pets -- all knitted or crocheted. Share their memories and the joy of the creators of this special installation -- the residents of the Strathaven and Strathglen residential care home, their families and friends and regional community groups.
Artists: Robyn Carney, Gwen Egg, Shirley Johnson and Anita FlückigerCurator: Robyn Carney

Now, doesn't that look interesting.

5 Responses to “The Knitting Room”

  1. Wow! Those knitted sculptures look amazing. I am simply in awe.

  2. I am so in love with every thing Vintage and I would so much like to see them in real. What I really like is the word "colourful", cause most old books and pictures are black/white, so it´s sometimes hard for me to figure out the colours and colours are my passion. I am now using my scraps and bits for fun, they did it for necessity. Here in Germany are not much Vintage books and things around, so sad and bad, but therefore I am always glad when something Vintage is shown or written on blogs. Thank you so much.

  3. This sounds absolutely fantastic. i love this kind of thing (as you probably know!lol!)

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