Knitting and reading - perfect.

3 Nov 2006

I am desperately trying to finish my daughter's cardigan which I began late August and still haven't finished, I'm on to the last sleeve. The best thing is that once it is sewn together, that is it . No picking up and knitting bands as it has a self edging.

To stop myself falling asleep while I knit I have been reading and what a treasure I have found.

I am in the depths of Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitters Almanac. This unassuming little book is full of absolute gems although I do agree with one reviewer who said that the information is for the experienced rather than the novice knitter.

I first read of the book at Bluestocking Knits and was intrigued. I thought it was one of those American books that I would never find here. I was amazed to find it was available through my trusty local library and it arrived this week. Although I haven't finished reading it yet I would recommend it to anyone who can get their hands on it. I had read of Elizabeth Zimmerman but never read any of her work. It is just wonderful. She has a marvellous chatty, honest style and leads you through the construction of a particular garment as though she was sitting beside you, all the while telling you tales of home and family. I find it very satisfying reading.

Have a restful weekend.

8 Responses to “Knitting and reading - perfect.”

  1. Your upbeat entries embellished with great finds of vintage pictures make your blog such an enjoyable read. Thank you.
    Do you use a book holder/book stand for reading while knitting, or do you just lay the book on your lap?

  2. I am to busy knitting, knitting. I will have to check out the book, thank you. Clarice

  3. Having only just learned to knit I' m very impressed at your ability to read a book at the same time, have a great weekend.

  4. I used to only read magazines or large coffee table type books while knitting but I have developed a scheme with large bulldog clips that weigh the pages down and hold the book open without covering the writing. I have to sit on the sofa so I can have the book on a cushion beside me and can turn to read the book without hurting my neck. It sounds complicated but it isn't and it means I can read novels etc while I knit.l

  5. You read and knit at the same time?!?!! Wow! I'm super impressed. I'm afraid all I can do is listen to the television or a movie while I knit. There's no way I could read and knit simultaneously.

  6. I'll try that book out, it sounds right up my street!

  7. I read this book some years ago and was fascinated by this woman, you are right, she is writing so nice and with an open heart that I always regretted that I can´t knit and read at the same time. Thanks for reminding me to read it soon again (and I especially liked the idea of knitting a trouser).
    And I love Carl Larsson since I was a teeny, your hallway-picture was the first I had as a postcard, it was always the example for a perfect home for me. Some years ago I have got the book of Lena Rydin about living like the Larssons in Sundborn (I have looked, but this book is not available in English, such a pitty) and there are a lot pictures of the fabrics, Karin made, inside - this is the highest point of living for me, doing most of the things which surrounds us at home by our own - such a beautiful thought.
    Have a great start into the new week,
    greetings from home to home,


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