30 Nov 2006

Well, it's Thursday so it is time to draw the winner of the Dollie Give-away. Drum roll please maestro..............

The winner is Bettina of Mumintroll. Congratulations!
If you could email me your postal address I'll send the doll to you. I know she will enjoy your beautiful home full of fairy tales and knitting.

One again, thank you to everyone who left comments and sent emails. You made me feel like a star.

Here is the little doll in question. She doesn't have a face yet as I tend to do that last of all once I get to know the doll.

I have been very busy with dolls all week. I didn't do my last dollmaking class because my daughter was ill so the last class will be next week. The playroom/ my studio looks like the scene of a bus wreck with bits and pieces of dolls everywhere. That sounds awful doesn't it?

Before I go to bed tonight I have to find the Advent calendar. I bought it many years ago from the Oxfam shop. It has little crocheted ornaments in each pocket but I add chocolates as well. The chocolates probably aren't necessary but it's a nice way to start the day.

While I was cleaning up the kitchen after dinner tonight I noticed how pretty these poppies looked and went outside to investigate.

There was a beautiful twilight light and when I looked up at the sky I saw this marvellous cloud.

The smaller clouds in front were moving quite quickly and the big cloud seemed to be full of light. We have long twilights here and the skies are often quite beautiful . No sign of rain clouds though. It is weeks since we have had any rain.

PS. I will post the sauce recipe tomorrow for those who are interested.

8 Responses to “Congratulations!”

  1. Beautiful pictures, I like the evenings a lot, sometimes more than the mornings - I think I am a kind of nightowl, not fresh enough to deserve the early beauties. Here it is very misty at the evenings now, sunset about 5pm, and I love to be outside then, the cold, the wet foggy air, all a bit enchanted.
    Can´t tell how much I envy Mumintroll for getting your lovely doll, she must be one of the happiest bloggers today.

  2. Thank you so much..I am really the happiest blogger today..

  3. Congradulations Bettina !!! What a beautiful doll. I so admire your talent Jenny. Looking forward to the recipe. Clarice

  4. What lovely dolls - and what skies! Beautiful :-)

  5. Stunning photos!

    The little outfits you make for the dolls are wonderful. The color changes and design show your dedication to your art.

    Congratulations Bettina. What a nice story you will have to tell visitors to your home when you introduce your dolly :-)

  6. Lovely photos Jenny! Lucky Mumintroll! A really beatiful doll, I love the colours of her jumper and her lovely hair, so very tactile.

  7. The dolls are really great. I made a strawberry sweater with matching hat for my daughter waldorf doll. Your stripped sweater is quite sweet.

  8. Those are fantastic photographs, thank you for sharing them.


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