What's for breakfast Mum?

2 Oct 2006

Aren't these tulips magnificent? My mum bought them around today. She looks after an old friend's garden and he is happy for her to share his beautiful tulips. He says they are striped because of something the bees do - I have no idea what they do or how they could be responsible.

Once spring arrives I like to start eating something with more get up and go for breakfast so I make my famous GRANOLA. Believe it or not I actually gave 500g bags of this to my extended family for Christmas a couple of years ago. You are probably glad you are not on my Christmas gift list.

The recipe is based on one I found in an Amish cookbook some years ago and I have fiddled with it to suit my tastes. I eat it with plain or flavoured yogurt and I add dried fruit, usually sultanas when I serve it.

Jenny's Amish Granola

6cups rolled oats
1cup almond pieces
1cup pecan pieces
1cup sesame seeds
1cup sunflower seeds
1/4 cup brown sugar
1/4-1/2 cup vegetable oil
1/4 cup golden syrup or honey

Mix all the dry ingredients in a large bowl. Gently warm the syrup/honey and oil until the syrup is runny. Pour oil and syrup over dry ingredients and mix well with wooden spoon and hand to combine.
Spread on lined baking sheet, you'll probably need two.
Bake in a moderate oven for 20 minutes but stir after 10 minutes so it browns evenly.
Leave to cool on baking sheet but break up any large lumps as it cools. Store in a dry container.

I store mine in a wooden pantry box that we got as a set of three some years ago. I think they are made from Tasmanian oak. They were hand made by a man in Victoria who is a COOPER, i.e. a barrel maker. He makes all kinds of large and small barrels, containers, buckets even rakes and pitchforks out of various Australian timbers.

The granola is kept in the largest one, my husband's muesli is in the middle sized one and we keep alphabet noodles in the little one( not shown).

Christmas Notes

It is 12 weeks till Christmas and because I make as many presents as I can I make an earlish start. I realise many people are probably already well organised with their presents but believe me October is an early start for Last Minute Me. This week my main goal is to clear all the clutter from my children's bedrooms so that I know what is actually in there and do a thorough tidy of my craft work area so that I know what is atually there as well. Hopefully by the end of the week all my careful sorting and tidying will have given me some inspiration for my Christmas present list. We try to make Christmas gifts simple and more of a token gift that celebrates the season rather than giving for givings sake. I think it is often more difficult to plan for and give a simple gift than to go out and buy something flashy.Teenage nieces and nephews and brothers who have everything are my toughest assignment.

14 Responses to “What's for breakfast Mum?”

  1. Your Christmas sounds like ours. I buy food for non-"simple" folk! It doesn't break with the principle and everybody likes chocolate or biscuits or a good bottle of wine!

    I love your Granola recipe (like a flapjack but healthier lol)but I like your storage boxes even more...simple beautiful.

  2. I ~*LOVE*~ those storage boxes!!! Gorgeous!!

    I have a set of paperboard boxes that are similar. I keep acorn caps in them. I know, sort of an odd thing to keep stashed but I use them as hats on my smallest dolls.

    I'm going to have to try that granola recipe. Sounds yummy!

  3. i got such a shock the other day when someone said it was 12 weeks till christmas. shocked and a little excited as it is my favourite time of the year! love the christmas cone with the borage flowers!

  4. What a lovely recipe. I must try it but I think it would taste nicer if i had one of those boxes to keep it in!

    We haven't started thinking of Christmas yet - I'm shocked to learn it's 12 weeks. We usually make a list of everyone we want to give to and then spend hours around the table in the evenings making things. I feel with little children it's important to do this and it shifts the focus from what will I get to what will I give.

  5. I love this idea of the wooden boxes for storing food! Does it keep it fresh well on its own or do you need to seal the food in something before you put it in? I'm being practical here with my questions just because I'd really love to try it. It really is a cool idea : )

  6. Your recipe sounds yummy. And those boxes--sooo beautiful!

    Yeah, Christmas. I was doing so well in August and September--now I have to get back "on track!"

  7. Wendy, I have only ever used the boxes for dry goods such as cereals, pasta, sugar etc. These things stay perfectly fresh and tasty. I don't seal the contents in anything else, they just go straight into the boxes. The lids of the boxes are quite heavy so I suppose that helps to seal them from air and creepy crawlies.I have been searching for the web address of the man who makes them. No luck as yet but I did find out that he had been to some country shows in the UK demonstrating his craft. I don't know if he has been anywhere else. He is a lovely down to earth man, I have spoken to him and his wife on a couple of occasions on the phone. They love Tasmania so they must be good people!

  8. Louise, well spotted they are borage flowers.
    Simmy, I agree, it makes Chrisrmas a much more balanced festival if the whole family is involved in the planning and making of Christmas gifts.

  9. oh my but your granola sounds delicious!!! not OVERLY sweet. i wish I were on your Christmas list!!! :) what a great idea for gifts. i'm definately going to try that one out....and i'm feeling kind of ignorant, but what are sultanas?

  10. Thanks for your Granola recipe - the ingredients are now on my shopping list, it´s because I decided to eat something more healthier than my usual chocolates to satisfy my sweet teeth now in winter (it´s so funny that you are going into spring now and here we are facing a long cold winter in Germany).
    And let me please thank you also for your lovely comments, I am so glad to have got by this to know your blog. I browsed it a bit and read a lot here and there and it seems to me that we are sharing often the same thoughts. And, above all, I adore your dolls. I love Käthe Kruse a lot, I sold her dolls a long time and I wish I would have kept her catalogues to send them you to. So sorry now to have thrown them all away when finishing that work. Yours are perfect little ones.
    So, now I think I better go and start my Christmas presents, only 12 weeks left and I am such a slowly knitter.
    Have a good time!

  11. I love the tulips, in fact I bought some bulbs today for forcing inside to brighten up the fall/winter days ahead. I think handmade gifts are wonderful and am always looking for ideas...I'd better get going seeing it's only 12 weeks away!

  12. Kristin, sultanas are dried sultana grapes. They are bigger than a currant and smaller than a raisin. Does that help.

  13. If you ever do come across the box maker's contact info it would be lovely if you might post it : )

  14. The web site for the man who makes the boxes is www.beveridgecoopers.com.au


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