What happened at the School Fair?

10 Oct 2006

It was the school fair on Saturday and for the first time I didn't help on a stall. I made things for one of the stalls but on the day I was free. To be quite honest I didn't even really want to go but # 1 son was playing his trombone in the brass ensemble so I went to watch him. I was very anti-fair but I suppose after 5 years of being very involved I just needed a rest. Anyway it gave me a chance to have a proper look around and look what I found.

These three cannisters were only $2, They are bakelite and the largest one ( FLOUR) is just perfect for sugar which until now has been kept in a less than glamourous plastic icecrem container. The one marked rice has rice in it and the one marked tea is empty at the moment

They are kept in the pantry so I am the only one really who ever sees them but they smile at me each time I go in there. Our house was built in 1931 so probably at one time some very similar cannisters lived here.

The flowers in the garden are gradually changing from the pink, blue and yellow of early spring to white, mauve and a touch of orange.

I struck it lucky for a second time on the weekend. My sister, who has moved 999 times in the past 10 years, has decided she is tired of carrying around knitting wool that she no longer uses or wants so she gave me this little rainbow of yarns. They are mostly mohair because in her knitting years she made a number of big beautiful mohair sweaters most of which she has long since thrown away.

Oh and look what I found hiding in my daughter's little garden where she is growing some oats to make ANZAC biscuits - these beautiful Dutch irises.

Last year we only got a handful of oats so I just scattered them and now we have about four times as much. I'm not sure how or when you process it but it would be fun to grow, process and then cook and eat your very own oats.

10 Responses to “What happened at the School Fair?”

  1. Lucky you with the yarn and the cannisters - I love those!

  2. What a treat with the yarn!!

    I love that light blue/periwinkle-ish flower. Do you know what it's called?

    The canisters are such a great find! Congrats :)

    I just had a realization on why all my canisters are clear glass. I don't think I could put sugar in the flour container. I have these wierd, made-up, obsessive-compulsive rules about things though. I freely admit to my quirks LOL!

    I think that it is so cool to be growing oats. I never would have thought to do that. It seems it would be such an interesting experience for children.

  3. I'm loving the cannisters Jenny! Alan Bennett's mother didn't like red in the kitchen, but I disagree, it adds sparkle and cheer!

  4. Your canisters are too cute! In fact, they are perfect! The yarn? What a nice surprise! The flowers? Spring! I love the spring. Alas, we are into fall!!

  5. The yarn is lovely! It is nice to see your springtime photos when my corner of the world is turning to autumn.

  6. What fun finds from the fair!

    And the flowers are just gorgeous. What are the top and the third flowers in your photos? The top one looks like a white columbine to me and the third, I can't even guess, but they are so dainty and pretty.

  7. The flowers are:
    1. columbines that self seed all through my garden
    2. snowball tree/ pompom tree/ guelder rose, from the viburnum family.
    3.I don't know what this is, I bought it nameless at a fair. It is a small shrub that has canes shooting up from the bottom, it is evrgreen but hibernates in the winter looking rather sick, then in spring it is covered in masses of deliate little blooms.
    4. a small bedding iris, also comes in pale yellow.
    5.a perennial poppy that self seeds throughout the garden where ever there is full sun and lasts quite well as a cut flower. I think it is a form of Shirley poppy but I don't know. It just arrived for a visit one year and has been here ever since. I've seen it growing through cracks in the footpath so it is very tough - an ideal candidate for my garden.

  8. Wow--I love red canisters! The flowers are so lovely--my thumb isn't very green...And love, love the yarn, of course.

    I agree with Mrs. Danielle--what a great thing to tinker with, growing oats!


  9. Okay - those cannisters are simply SPLENDID! I want some!

  10. I LOVE your canisters and I want to read your whole blog in one night! I will be back when I can take it all in!


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