Well you did ask ......

29 Oct 2006

I have been tagged by Plain and Simple to share personal information about the appearance of my fridge. Why anyone would be interested in this most humble of kitchen appliances is beyond me. I do know that when we bought our fridge almost exactly 18 years ago I thought it was the most wonderful thing I had ever owned. I felt so grown up. I know this is rather pathetic but up until this time our fridge either came with which ever house we were renting or was a second hand affair with a tiny little icebox not at all suitable for copious quantities of icecream.

So here it is in all its glory:

The full frontal view; note the three clips across the freezer, one for each child to keep all those notices that come home from school. I sometimes think the school has shares in a paper company. Ther is no art work on the front anymore as my daughter has taken to displaying artwork on her bedroom wall. There is some very old artwork on the side of the fridge though, plus a pair of Dick Wick's inner souls for magnetic pain relief.

There is also the essential football ladder from last season. My sons' team is second from the top

and my team is on the bottom.
I have a picture of a very pretty clothesline that came from a calendar, a thermometer and a couple of happy snaps on the door.

Here you can see how busy it is although normally the side isn't usually visible because of the kitchen door being open.

When we bought our fridge either it was in the days before the giant two door models that now seem to populate even the kitchens of those who live alone or we just didn't bother to look at those. And as both our mothers had managed to successfully raise 9 children between them without the benefit of a stand alone freezer we never considered this either.

Money ofcourse was tight but we wanted something that would last and provide adequate storage space in both fridge and freezer areas. Thus the mighty Ignis came into our home. The word ignis appears to mean fire in Latin so the bright spark who named our fridge perhaps had a challenging sense of humour. Regardless of its firey name it is a good fridge , it just sits there and does its job without asking for any more attention than an occasional defrost and a weekly wipe over.

Unfortunately it did have one weak spot, I say did because they eventually fell off, the handles that is. It was blessed with very ugly grey handles that after being glued on several times fell off last year and refused to go back on.

So trusty Mr Wren AKA Mr Fixit fashioned some superb handles from Tasmanian Myrtle, the same wood he used for the kitchen benches and our bed and my beautiful hope chest and a very beautiful shelf in the kitchen. He is such a treasure. So now we have a fully customised fridge that will see us through another 18 years.

I'll bet you never knew a fridge could be so interesting. Now I am supposed to tag someone but feel free to ignore it , a fridge can be a very private thing. I choose: Apron Thrift Girl,
Mumintroll and Katie.

Good luck guys, you will never look at your fridge the same way again.

7 Responses to “Well you did ask ......”

  1. wow, you fridge is so much more orgainzed then me. Clarice

  2. Snap!The handles got broken on our fridge as well.

  3. What I have learnt from this meme is that:
    a. everybody's fridge is more organised than mine
    b. fridges look different from country to country
    c. memes are getting stranger, but if I'm tagged I always *feel* the obligation to do it.

  4. ooh - I've never been tagged before!! my fridge is very boring and utilitarian - but I rise to the challenge of making it a fascinating read! Tuesday!

  5. My fridge became organised about three years ago when we almost drowned under the notices sent home from school and children were missing excursions and concerts because we couldn't find the right piece of paper. The clips have made a huge difference. Also if you have too much on them they start sliding off the fridge so you are forced to cull the old notices . My husband and I have one each too on the other side of the fridge. This is the pinnacle of my organisation. Whatever you do don't look in the file cupboard. Just close it carefully and tiptoe away.

  6. Thanks for tagging me. I posted tonight already but I'll get to it in a couple days. Ours is a really boring stainless steel fridge which means magnets only go on the side. I thought it would be my dream fridge but now I just want something retro and fitting for a 1927 cottage. Funny how we aim high but go back to what's simple and comfortable.

  7. Thank you...I've never been tagged before. But my fridge is not so especially..


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