Thermatically speaking

17 Oct 2006

There is something we all have in our cupboards that some may use regularly and some have not used for a very long time.

It has been used by families, by courting couples, by those celebrating many long years together, by men going off to a long day's work and Antarctic explorers.

It something we always take with us when we go on a long car trip.

Our trusty Thermos. I bet you have one, you might have even inherited it from your Granny.

For those who are too thrifty to pay for tea or coffee along the way it is a godsend. We have had ours for about 20 years but is actually our second as for some reason the first one we had failed to keep things really hot.

According to the Thermos website they have been making vacuum flasks since 1904. I'm not sure if they are collectible , I suppose they are. I really like the tartan covered ones.

I can remember sitting in the car with a new born baby on the side of a snowy mountain while my husband and eldest son tried to walk to the top. I had my trusty thermos with me but the vacuum seal worked so well I couldn't get the wretched thing open . I had to stop another intrepid mountaineer to open it for me. Pathetic woman.

Now that our older children also have a cup of tea when we travel the old thermos is no longer big enough so perhaps we will have to invest in a partner for the one we have.

You really know you are becoming an old woman when you choose to write about the benefits of owning a thermos flask although I'm sure that those of you who don't have one are extremely jealous and are already searching Ebay for one of those lovely tartan ones. Good luck.

Christmas Notes

I have decided to make my family a small Christmas ornament plus some food for their christmas presents this year. I had been racking my brains trying to think what I could make and then it dawned on me - I'm a doll maker , I should make dolls.

Isn't she gorgeous. She is only 3 inches high and she will have a face and a little bit of wispy hair with a Christmas wreath around her head. I will embroider the year at the bottom of her dress. I have decided to make little gnomes for the menfolk. She will be able to hang from the Christmas tree. I thought about giving her wings to make her a Christmas angel or fairy but my daughter has advised me against this.

So that's that sorted , another great idea now I just have to make them.

13 Responses to “Thermatically speaking”

  1. I think the handmade ornament idea is a lovely one. And the green cone of wool christmas tree is very cute!

  2. The little dolls are so dear! Will they have different color dresses for different family members?

  3. I also love my thermoses as we have more than one! Comfort food and drink from home. Alas, no Tartan for us, but plain brushed stainless. I love your hand made ornament ideas. I am looking forward to seeing them when they are finished.

  4. We take our Thermos with us to the mountains every November / early December when we go chop down a Christmas tree in the woods. I love it! And yes, the tartan ones can be collectable. I've even seen them featured on magazing covers as vases for long and large stemmed floral arrangements.

  5. Hi Jenny, I love the basket you have to carry your thermos~I've never seen one before! I do have a trusty thermos to carry my tea in.
    The dolls are beautiful! How lovely they will look hanging from the Christmas tree.

  6. I too love the ornament idea. We have a thermos with a pump. I make 2 pots of tea every morning and keep it in the thremos, so we have tea throughout he day. Clarice

  7. I struggle with making those dolls head. Yours is perfect. I'm so jealous of your talent. On the thermos topic, I have a couple vintage ones. I hardly ever use them but maybe I will this winter. My favorite is a plastic pink one. I have been searching for a tartan one but so far no luck.

  8. The little dolls are so lovely.Its allways a great pleasure to read in your blog.. Thank you

  9. Thermos--of course we use them, but I especially remember my Daddy taking one to work every day.

    Your doll ornaments are so cute! I'm sure your family will love them, too.

  10. Marie, I'm planning on only using red because that is the fabric I have and I don't want to buy anything else. The fabric shop is a dangerous place.

  11. Nothing wrong in extolling the virtues of a trusty thermos flask! They are really useful especially on long journeys where there aren't any service stations!

    I love the xmas decorations too, your little dolls are wonderfully angelic!

  12. New blogger here (from Australia too!). I really enjoy your blogspot. My daughters would be green with envy if I showed them the little dolls you could make - they are so adorable!

  13. The little doll looks lovely - can't wait to see how you finish her. As you know I've gotten back into dollmaking again - must be the time of the year.


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