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Sunny Disposition

18 Oct 2006

" Home is the kingdom over which the wife should seek to reign as queen. So wholesome and attractive may the home be made by a contented, cheerful woman that the husband will leave it with reluctance, and will return to it at night, after the day's toil is ended, with naught but thoughts of quietness and peace. The possession of a sunny disposition is indeed a wife's most valuable asset, for it makes herself and all around her happy"
Ladies Handbook 1946 edition


7 Responses to “Sunny Disposition”

  1. What a great quote and inspiration- and that picture is divine! Love it!

    Thanks for the encouragement...

  2. Hey! That is what my mom told me before I was married. A wonderful encouragement that I think of often. Especially when I need an attitude check.

    I want our home to be a haven and refuge for my Sweetheart.

  3. Oh, I know how the husband felt ..... I was so happy to come home today because my husband has been tidying 'his' part of the loungeroom. It looks wonderful, although I almost miss those boxes and papers that I've been tripping over and side-stepping around for so many years. It's just amazing what a visit from overseas relatives will do !!!

  4. Love the queen part. I have a website which I have to close soon but I am having a hard time doing so, where my whole theme was being a queen. Where we could be married, have children and a business and do it all with a crown on our head. I wish every little girl would have this much faith in herself.

  5. Thanks for stopping by today. Hey, I absolutely love that picture! Very romantic.

  6. thank you for the lovely, inspiring thought. I love old fashioned homemaker-ish things like that. :)

  7. Such an inspiring quote; I need to work more on that sunny disposition! Debbie


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