12 Oct 2006

Since yesterday's post I have been trying to improve the set up of my sewing and craft area so that it is more functional and less of a complete mess. Because our home is quite small my work area is in part of a room called the playroom which is what it used to be used for. Now it houses the computer and stationary cupboard, the piano, the stereo , all my craft books, a lovely sunny window seat , the games cupboard, my sewing area and the cupboard where I store all my fabrics and yarns. It is also the room you have to walk through to get to the loungeroom (living room/sitting room). It is our multipurpose space but it has to be kept relatively clutter free and presentable.

Until now my sewing machine has been hidden in a corner of the kitchen and brought out when needed. Because I have a lot of sewing to do over the next couple of months with Christmas presents to make and new clothes for me and my daughter I have now given the machine a home in the playroom. Daphne ( on the right) who some of you may remember from an earlier post has moved out of my bedroom and is standing guard over my sewing area. I haven't taken any photos so you will just have to imagine. She is no longer wearing this beautiful peg apron but is now wearing a skirt that has been waiting to be hemmed for about 6 weeks and a shawl for modesty sake.

A funny thing about Daphne. I bought her at a garage sale 25 years ago. I thought she was beautiful but not terribly practical because she was too big for all my clothes. Guess what ,after 3 children and 3 tonnes of chocolate and the best part of three decades my clothes are quite snug on her. So, let that be a lesson to you : you will become the same shape as your dressmaker's dummy, which could be a good thing I suppose.

I finally found the web address of the cooper who made the storage boxes for me. His name is George Smithwick and his business is the Beveridge Coopers.

Painting at top by Ignat Bednarik

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  1. Don't you feel almost virtuous when you tidy up the sewing area, clean the machine, pick up spilt pins, rewind reels of thread, and put everything back where it belongs. Then you are rearing to start sewing again, and lo and behold, it's back where it started.

    I'm glad that I do have a room almost devoted to sewing these days (not that I do so much now the children are grown and left home), although I still have to share it with a few cupboards containing things belonging to the children, including boxes of photos and travel diaries.

    I hope you enjoy your Christmas sewing?

    Are you safe from bushfires at the moment? I hope you have a cooler day today. Still 32º and windy up here.

  2. I've just asked my DH to tranfer a large chest of drawers from the playroom into our spare room so I can put my sewing machine on it and store my craft stuff.

    ...I've hit a plateau with the old "everything in moderation" diet so I've just sworn off the "brown stuff" for a while...how will I manage?

  3. I love that you have named your dress form. Did it come to you or was she previously named? I am hoping to find a name for my funny chested gal. I hope I can keep my chest for longer than she has. Well done on your craft room. Mine is a mess right now. After I do a project it looks like a wind storm hit.

  4. Hi Alice, the bush fires have been mainly around Hobart, on the Bass Strait islands and a small one on the northwest coast so we are safe here. It is forecast for rain and snow on the weekend so that will put the fires out. We are heading to the beach for the weekend for my son's athletics carnival so this confused weather is a bit of a nuisance.

    Dear P&S, I could never swear off chocolate it just makes me want it more.

    Hi Selena,my dressmakers dummy is named after my dad, my mum calls him Daphne or Daff for short. It's a very useful name. I'm not quite the same shape as my dummy,the waist and hip measurements seem to be similar. I have never seen a voluptuous dummy have you.

  5. I'm so glad you posted that link for the boxes, thank you for doing that!

    And you are so right about a space's organization and layout being key. Many happy crafts in your new set up : )

  6. Hahahhaaaa - couldn't help but chuckle at your comment about the Dress-Maker's dummy. :)


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