Run, run ,run ,as fast as you can......

20 Oct 2006

Housework done........CHECK........
Coffee made..........CHECK.......
Vague idea of what I need to do this afternoon.......MAYBE

It has been a busy week with lots of extra after- school activities and a very busy husband.
Everyone was a little tired after our weekend away and we all managed to get a cold as well.

Son #2 has had extra athletics practises after school plus is supposed to be practising his trumpet because unknown to me he has organised with his music teacher to do a music exam. This is a boy who likes to come home from school and just hang out. He has also had a couple of assignments due and 3 maths tests.

As usual as the end of the year approaches the teachers load on the assignments and the children start to crumble.

Tomorrow is the state athletics carnival and son #2 is in two events. I think he will be very pleased to see the end of this week.

Son #1 had his review of his hand injury earlier in the week and as he has very important exams coming up the surgery ,if it is still necessary, has been put off until February. This was what he wanted and now he can just concentrate on studying instead of worrying .

He decided to play a bit of footie in his lunchbreak yesterday to celebrate and ended up with another boy's teeth in the top of his head. Ahhhhhh!!!!!. Another trip to the doctor and more stitches. He is not safe to be at large. I don't know how the other boy fared but historically no one who collides with my son's head ever comes out the winner.
He did manage to go to his school concert last night and play his trombone,
bloody hair and all. What a trooper!

My daughter began her drama classes this week. She has been asking to do this for some months now and so has proven with her constant pleas that she is still interested so we are giving it a try. She generally is more in love with the idea of doing extra activities than actually doing them. Like her older brother she prefers to just come home from school and hang out and play with friends.
I must say I have always encouraged this way of thinking as I have never wanted to have my children overloaded with commitments all over town. School and the extra time that requires with sports practise and music practise
is enough.

She also had a mini school concert this week on Wednesday evening. She plays the violin and plays very well in my completely unbiased opinion.

My husband appears to also be slowly crumbling with the weight of work at present. I think he has been guilty of saying yes to many cries of help and now is running out of time to finish his own work and he has deadlines coming up. He does also have holidays on the horizon so if he can keep it all together until then he can have a nice long break. I think he has a couple of months leave due.

And me ? I'm just trying to keep them all fed and heading in the right direction at the right time. And I sneak a little time here and there to sit in a warm spot and knit.

4 Responses to “Run, run ,run ,as fast as you can......”

  1. "And me ? I'm just trying to keep them all fed and heading in the right direction at the right time. And I sneak a little time here and there to sit in a warm spot and knit." That coupled with your bottom image is so powerful. Your being like the hearth of the home, the calm, the calm in the storm : )

  2. I love that final photo as well! It must be universal, cats and knitting seem to go together.

  3. Hi Jenny, I hope things settle down for your family and that your son is doing well. I have a son also ~ they (boys) are just accident prone! Love the picture of the knitter...have a great weekend! Debbie


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