Possum Wool ?

27 Oct 2006

Possum wool is a mixture of possum fur and merino wool. It is manufactured in New Zealand as a clever way of making use of a pest. The brushtail possum was taken to New Zealand from Australia to enhance the fur trade. It has been declared a national pest by the government as it eats much of the natural vegetation as well as the eggs and chicks of the native birds.

They say the wool feels like cashmere but as I said yesterday the skein that I had felt more like a thin cord of felt. Ofcourse rabbit fur is used to make felt also. I think that is what is used for Akubra hats.

I finished the hot water bottle cover. It feels divine. The possum wool is quite sturdy but it combined well with the silk/alpaca mix which is very soft and slippery.

I like the little bit of pink around the neck and in the stripes on the back. The inside of the neck is pink also as I didn't think I would have enough of the purple possum wool.

I have to find some buttons now. I decided on pink but I seem to have lost my jar of pink buttons. All the other colours are there but no pink.

This is what greets me each morning when I go into the kitchen. No it is not a dead dog just a dog trying to get some beauty sleep. Not so long ago I would be greeted by a dog who jumped off the couch, tail wagging. Now she tries to pretend I'm not there, occasionally she will open one eye as if to shush me. Mostly though she just keeps her eyes firmly shut until about 7.45 am - a decent hour for an old lady to rise.

Now if there was a possum around you might expect a liitle more action from Poppy. We do have quite a few possums who visit our garden at night especially when ther is fruit on the trees. Apricots seem to be a particular favourite but greengages will do at a pinch.

5 Responses to “Possum Wool ?”

  1. Thanks for the info on the possum yarn. I have not ever heard of it. Come to think of it, I didn't know rabbit fur would felt either.

    So many fibers, so little time...

  2. Love the hot water bottle cover !!! I have neer heard of possum yarn, interesting. Clarice

  3. I'll take a cozy wintery sweater please.

  4. The hot water bottle cover is so lovely.I need it for our cold winterdays
    I never heard about possum yarn. It is very interesting..

  5. Hi Jenny, I love the hot water bottle cover~it's beautiful. I'm so glad you could use that mauve yarn.


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