Perfect Sunday

22 Oct 2006

Today was a perfect spring day; beautiful blue sky with little puffy clouds scudding across, occasional soft breezes. The perfect day to spend in the garden. While not much gardening was done , much appreciating was done. Our garden looks its absolute best in the spring time. So many different shades of green and lots of little treasures to discover. I thoroughly enjoyed just being outside.

We have broad beans, broccoli, silver beet and lots of herbs ready in the garden. These were going to be picked to accompany the lovely spring lamb we were having for dinner but when I tried to cook pasta for lunch I found we had run out of gas. We have an electric oven and gas cooktop. Lunch became toasted sandwiches and dinner required a rethink.

So the vegies stayed in the garden. We don't have a microwave and oven roasted greens just don't work. Instead we had my famous potato fry: diced potates fried in olive oil with free range bacon and sliced onions plus plenty of Australian Salt Lake salt and fresh gound black pepper. I also oven baked some tomato halves as local hothouse tomatoes were incredibly cheap this week. I mixed up an accompanying sauce from natural yogurt, olive oil, fresh picked mint and black pepper. This combination went so well with the lamb, delicious!

Dessert was the home-made sponge cake my mum brought round for afternoon tea but wasn't eaten at the time. I haven't any pictures because I was either too busy preparing food or eating it. This has been such a lovely day - just what we all needed after our busy week.

8 Responses to “Perfect Sunday”

  1. It must be lovely to have fresh vegetables from your own garden. I don't have much space in our backyard. Bet they taste so much better than from the shop!

  2. Ohhh can I come to your house ofr dinner,yummmm. Clarice

  3. I have an incredible craving for lamb now -- two yummy lamb dinner recipes to read on one afteroon! I do *know* what I am missing!

  4. sounds perfectly lovely. We have some veggies growing in the garden, but its our fall garden.

  5. That sounds too good to be true. I'm hopping on the smae plane as Clarice and eating at your house.

  6. How wonderful that we can vicariously enjoy spring from your lovely blog! I had to pause and think about that for a moment, as we are in our fall season here. But, as much as I love fall, it's nice to remember that half the world is at this moment experiencing my favorite season of all -- spring!!


  7. Yummmmmmy!!!!!

    should've planted tulips today.... did not!!!

  8. I make something very similar with potatoes and onions. I haven't ever added bacon but now I have to!

    I love reading about your spring unfurling as I'm doing my autumn nesting. It feels so "full circle".


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