Penguin? Where's that?

16 Oct 2006

Well lots of washing and baking to be done today after our weekend away.School lunches were a bit sparse this morning as I couldn't be bothered thinking about them yesterday. With the unpacking, cooking dinner and making sure everyone had something to wear today, lunches didn't get much thought.

We had a lovely time away. We rarely stay anywhere except home so this was a real treat. We stayed at a place called Penguin, a small village on the north west coast of Tasmania. My younger son was competing in an interschool athletic carnival on Saturday and my husband and older son ran in the Burnie 10 on Sunday. Burnie is an industrial city about 15 minutes from Penguin.

Penguin is named after the Fairy Penguins that nest along the coast. We didn't see any but we didn't actually go looking for them. We saw plenty of other penguins though as they decorate almost every business in town.

We did spend a little time on the beach after the big race in Burnie. It was very windy and was even raining at one stage so we ate our lunch, delicious fish and chips, in the car.

Australia is the home of some very large beasties, we have the BIG BANANA, the BIG PINEAPPLE, the BIG SHEEP, the BIG POTATO and also the BIG PENGUIN !!!!!!!

My daughter was just about to sneeze as I took the photo, she does not normally look so strange.

Oh and here are the medallions for a race well run. Both finished in reasonably good time and in very good moods. It is a tough race and there have been years when one or both of them is a bit "ugly" after the finish line.

Wish us luck for tomorrow as #1 son is going for his pre-admission check ready to go in to have the nerve in his hand repaired. I have to try to convince the surgeon to put it of for an extra couple of weeks so my son can do his school exams first and worry about his surgery after they are finished. I wish they had done the repair on the night of the accident but the surgeon thought differently. Hopefully all will go well.

2 Responses to “Penguin? Where's that?”

  1. Hi, I learned of your blog from Echo From the Green Hills.

    Lovely seaside photos! Best wishes for successful surgery for your son. Congratulations to your racers too.

  2. I love the photos, I suppose I always tend to think of penguins as cold-climate birds, even though they are in South Africa - I didn't realise they had them in Tasmania though! See, you learn something every day! :)

    Congrats to the racers, hehe, it's more than I can do to run 10 paces, let alone 10 km or miles!

    Have a good week :)


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