Maggie and Scarlet come home.

6 Oct 2006

A lovely day for knitting today; a bit chilly and overcast but cosy inside the house. Unfortunately I have spent half the day looking for my daughter's cat. She arrived home about two hours ago after being missing for 24 hours. She was dirty, hungry and very tired but seems no worse for wear. I was so pleased to see her.

Look what else I found outside my backdoor:

A present from my mum, a box of vegetable seedlings and seeds to get the spring vegie garden off to a flying start. They include scarlet runner beans to grow up the obelisk mum gave me for my birthday. I had been looking for seeds but was unsuccessful. I love scarlet runners as an ornamental plant with the added bonus of something to eat..The tomato plants will have to stay in the punnet till after the local show (agricultural show) as local legend has it that is when we will have the last frost.

If you are interested in checking out some beautiful and original pincushions go to the Pincushion Challenge. The challenge was to make a pincushion from recycled materials. I posted mine last week. Some of the contributions are so clever and novel you will be surprised.

6 Responses to “Maggie and Scarlet come home.”

  1. Gorgeous pin cushions! I'm glad your wandere has returned. I think I've just picked the last of our runner beans.

  2. Wow Ive missed alot of cuteness over here! Great plants, wish it was that planting time here but were right into fall in Canada at the moment!

  3. I just wanted to let you know(although I'm sure you already know) that you got such a thoughtful mother. What a sweet gift. I love those kinds.:)

  4. That is such a beautiful picture of Katherine Hepburn. You don't find too many photos of the stars knitting. At least I have never seen any at all. What a nice gift to come home to and I'm glad you found your cat. That is so scary losing a pet. We have lots of coyotes around here so they are suggesting to keep cats inside. Yikes.

  5. Hi Jen ~ I've just had a really quick catch up with some of your posts. How sweet is your Mum! I miss having mine close by...


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