The Little Knitters

26 Oct 2006

Isn't this the most beautiful picture? It is by an artist called Albert Anker and it's called "The Little Knitters".
It was painted in 1892.
Those little faces, so engrossed in their task. She must be quite an accomplished knitter as she is knitting with four needles. Both of them tucked into that chair - I wonder how long it lasted before the little one started to niggle at her sister and somebody stomped off.

I have been knitting today in between housekeeping jobs and getting the groceries. Ofcourse I wasn't knitting anything I was supposed to be working on. Oh no, that would be too sensible.

Some time ago I bought some possum wool from New Zealand. I presume it comes from dead possums - I think they are a problem with the native wildlife over there but feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. The yarn feels a bit like a thin felt rope and is the most glorious shade of purple. It has been trying to get my attention for some time - play with me, play with me!

I have combined it with the lovely ball of alpaca/silk/merino mauve yarn that Debbie sent me some time ago plus a little bit of a pink wool that I had on hand. I am making , almost finished actually, a hot water bottle cover. I am using a pattern from a library book called Rowan Juniors. I'm not sure what I will do with it when it is finished perhaps it will be mine as my hot water bottle is purple . It is all deliciously soft. I'll post some pictures tomorrow when it is all together.

My flag irises are flowering for the first time in all their glory. I bought them at a fair and had no idea what colour they would be. I call this old lady purple. I was hoping for some pretty blue/mauve ones . I suppose the colours are quite regal and I love the height they add to the garden.

This is the freesia near my front door. When we first moved here 18years ago it was a poor pathetic twig on its last legs being starved of water and nutrients by a very dense conifer that overhung it. The same conifer also blocked out the morning sun from the playroom . We contacted the keeper of the chainsaw (my mum) and she came round and cut it down. My dad once had an accident with the chainsaw and sliced into his leg. From that time my mum was the only one allowed to use it although in recent years she has allowed my husband to have a go.

Anyway, back to the freesia. It is now very healthy and flowers from early spring to late autumn. It has a very understated flower for a freesia but has the staying power that the flashier ones don't seem to have.

I have also been messing around with Beta Blogger today. What fun - changing colours and and positions and all sorts of things. I got so excited I even added another blog but that's another story.

5 Responses to “The Little Knitters”

  1. There is an old friend! I have lots of those old-lady-purple irises in my garden. I transplanted them from my mom's garden to keep a bit of her with me. She loved gardening. Try my best, and I'm still a novice.

  2. I have been reading your blog for quite some time now. I truly enjoy every single entry and the lovely pictures you post. I felt compelled to finally stop lurking and let you know!! Please keep posting.

  3. I love flag irises! So very beautiful and that is a very majestic purple you have there!

  4. I have got this picture in my files too and I too think it is a beautiful one... I am looking forward to seeing your sewing creations on your new blog!

  5. Oh, I love that little knitters, especially the younger one, her admiring look for her sister´s skills.
    And I am always wondering again, that you are in spring now, while we are having snow soon. My fresias are still out in the garden, but I think I better get them into the cellar during the next days for her winter-sleep. I love your iris, the colour is incredible beautiful - thanks for reminding me to write a list of all the plants and flowers to buy next spring here.
    Have a nice weekend!


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