In a perfect world or maybe I can sell a child

11 Oct 2006

"THE SEWING ROOM. The home dressmaker should endeavour to keep a place in which she can sew in peace and have all the necessary equipment around her. The ideal is to have a small room set aside for sewing, then the iron and ironing board, the machine on its own table, a table to work at, the tailor's dummy, and the long mirror can all be left in their places ready for use at any time. The lights can be suitably arranged; there can be a chest of drawers for storing the patterns, materials and sewing prerequisites; and a cupboard for garments. These days a spare room is not always possible, but it is a good plan to keep a corner of a room as a place for sewing, where the work can be left undisturbed when there is a meal to prepare or a guest arrives." Complete Dressmaking in Pictures by Constance Howard 1948

I believe the picture is from "The Mary Frances Sewing Book"

All I can say is " Sigh.... " (and then I would add ,"doesn't 'sigh' look like a silly word when you really look at it")

7 Responses to “In a perfect world or maybe I can sell a child”

  1. I don't know what "Complete Dressmaking in Pictures" is but that picture is from "The Mary Frances Sewing Book", which I absolutely adore! It's so quaint. And these days quaint things are hard to come by. :)

    I love that book so much I've almost convinced myself that it's very sensible for me to buy a brass sewing bird like the one in that picture.

    I'm teaching my daughter hand sewing with that book. It really is the sweetest thing. I intend to someday have all the Mary Frances books.

  2. Sounds like bliss! You can't sell a child, but you could make 'em share a room!

    Phonetically "sigh" sounds like Elvis say "cigar". Sig huh..well' thank you very much ma'am, huhuh,huhuh!

  3. The boys already share a room and my daughter has the room that used to be my sewing room when it wasn't a nursery. Our house is tiny and a lot of imagination and constant clutter busting is necessary to make the best use of the space we have.

  4. oh goodness! Now I see where you wrote that it's from the Mary Frances Sewing Book. I missed that line earlier. (which would be why my previous comment appears to have been written by an idiot) ;-)

    I keep coming back to peek at your sweet pictures. Both the sewing picture and the duck with the gnomes in walnut boats. They just make me smile :)

  5. No Dannielle, I added the Mary Frances reference after your comment. Thanks for letting me know.

  6. I love the duck trailing the gnomes in the post below.

    I found it was very easy to have a sewing room after growing up six of my children, and shipping them out of the house!

    Of course, I have to share the room with several bookcases, the luggage, off-season clothes.....

  7. We have the Mary Frances Sewing book infact Amber learned to sew with it. SHe also has the knitting and the cooking one too. Lovely books.


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