30 Oct 2006

My dear old dad loves ginger; preserved ginger, chocolate coated ginger, gingernut biscuits, ginger beer. My dear old dad is almost 80, his birthday is in February. My dear old dad suffered a heart attack last weekend and spent a couple of days in Intensive Care. He is home now with my mum. He has never had to take medications before and he hadn't been in hospital for over 40 years. It has been a big week for both of them, for the whole family really.

Yesterday we went to visit my parents and I took my dad some homemade gingernut biscuits(cookies). He likes them to be really crisp and quite spicy hot. He's doing OK but he seems a bit shell shocked.

My dad was born in 1927 just before the Depression. The second of four sons to George and Ada Jane. They lived in Richmond, a poor working class suburb in Melbourne. They lived close to their cousins, also a family of four boys and life was a big adventure. They lived close to the Yarra River and the MCG cricket ground. My dad was a teenager during WWII and sold cigarettes to the American soldiers. He tried to join the Navy when he was 16 but they discovered his real age and sent him home. He was a footballer and after an end of season trip to Tasmania he decided he liked the place and moved here with a football mate. He met my mum, they married and they have lived together happily ever since.

Ginger Meggs was a popular cartoon strip during the Depression and after.
Ginge was always getting into trouble, he probably lived in Richmond too.

A girl I used to share a flat with in Melbourne came from up round Shepparton. the local specialty seemed to be a beautiful cake called a ginger fluff. It is a farming district and home to many fine cooks. If you follow the link you will find the recipe.

My dad used to make ginger beer. Mum pretends she didn't mind but she used to make a big fuss about it. She hated having to feed the plant and have it sitting in the kitchen and then there was the famous time when the bottles exploded. He didn't make much ginger beer after that.

My daughter and son# 2 have decided to make ginger beer for the summer thirsts. I don't think I'll ask dad to help but we will share it with him.

11 Responses to “Dad”

  1. I'm so sorry about your dad Jenny. There's something special about his generation, I hope that he gets stronger very soon. My FIL (84) makes exploding ginger beer, he's going to make some for us! BANG!

  2. My fingers are crossed for your dad's speedy recovery, it can really knock the stuffing out of someone to be unwell after such a long time of being well, but having a loving family does alot to help.

    My brother made ginger beer once and came home to the kitchen dripping with sticky, gingery liquid and shards of glass - never again! I'm not sure that his landlord was overly impressed either!

  3. I am very sorry about your father. I hope he will be feeling more back to himself soon. I am addict to ginger too. Clarice

  4. Another reminder of family cooking - my favourite time spent with my dad was making ginger nuts. Mum was never allowed to help because she couldn't get them "just right". My best wishes for your dad's speedy recovery and also strong thoughts for your mum too.

  5. Hope your dad is feeling better soon and things are back to normal for him.

    My mom used to make saurbraten with gingersnap cookies in the gravy. Ohhh so good. I wish I had learned to make it from her.

  6. Oh your poor Dad hope he gets well soon. I'm rather fond of ginger myself.

  7. Prayers for your father : )

    I think ginger actually is good for the heart. And those cookies look wonderful, care to (hint hint, lol) share the recipe?

  8. So sorry to hear about your Dad.. glad he seems to be on the mend. Funny you mentioning about ginger...I too love ginger, and a local company makes a really hot and spicy ginger "beer" that I love. We can only get it certain times of year. My kids love the traditional spicy ginger cookies, and tonight, I am preparing to make a birthday cake for my youngest, who always requests gingerbread. I was even searching the net for new gingerbread recipes to try something new.

    Anyway, hope he continues to heal well.. and enjoy the ginger beer!

  9. Thanks so much everybody for your kind wishes.

  10. I hope your dad is recovering quickly!

    I'm saying a prayer for him.


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