Spring Bliss

11 Sep 2006

I awoke to a glorious spring morning, soft sunshine at 6am, birds singing and a cat meowing, desperate to go outside to the toilet. The first official day of the school holidays, NO SCHOOL LUNCHES TO MAKE!!!!!!!!! Crept out of bed to let the cat out, lit the fire and enjoyed the peace with a cup of good coffee.

I'll take you for a stroll around my spring garden. First to the herb garden. The main highlight here is this amazing borage which has not only survived the winter but has grown to shrublike proportions.

The mint is kept contained in a pot and is looking wonderful, just right for a cup of fresh mint tea at morning tea time.

On to the vegie garden where the dear little onion seedlings are up each with a little seed hat .

The broad beans have not been great this year and have not even set beans yet. The flowers are quite pretty though, as all legume flowers are.

In the orchard the nectarine, quite a new addition, is looking wonderful this year. If it doesn't succumb to leaf curl we should get a good crop of fruit.

In the flower garden this rhododendron looks quite tropical. This particular variety seems popular around here and many gardens have a hot pink show of colour at the moment.

These are native violets hiding in the shadows. They are very sweet although not strongly scented.

Although I have tried to grow other wallflowers this is the only one that is consistently successful and self seeds through the garden.

Part of my surprise packet of daffodils planted last year is this white daffodil. It seems to be less attractive to snails as all the various yellow varieties have been nibbled, some decimated.

This cream freesia is a beauty, it even has a beauty spot. The fragrance is heavenly. We also get a brilliant gold one a little later in the season.

Here is the magnificent magnolia. I don't know its name, it was a housewarming present from my sister when we moved in to this house 18 years ago. It was a spindly little stick and remained so for many years but in the last 10 years has grown into an impressive mature tree.

Now it's time to settle in the sunshine for that cup of mint tea and pretend I don't have anything else to do all day. I won't show you the chairs because they are the tacky plastic variety not at all in keeping with this botanic paradise.

10 Responses to “Spring Bliss”

  1. I love the nectarine blossom, so pretty. Lots of people here can grow nectarines and peaches, but they train them up against a south facing wall to get the residual heat from the wall. I'd love to have a peach tree but my garden is north facing, so I stick with apples!

  2. Oh I'm so jealous of your beautiful blooms and plants...we care going into Level 4 water restrictions here, so I can't have the garden of my dreams :(

    I will just have to drool over yours instead!

  3. Lovely as can be... different seasons for you and for us...my garden is spent...wawawa...just found you peeking in at amethyst...

    chat soon.

  4. Enjoy your holiday and sleep in !!!! Clarice

  5. It's so neat how you're exciting with the beginnings of spring at the very same time I'm feeling the same way about autumn. :-)

    Your plants are all lovely. I love the fuzziness of the borage.

  6. Everything looks lovely...have a wonderful holiday. I will be catching up on some of your earlier posts,

  7. It is so strange that Australia has opposite seasons. I'm in the USA, and we just pulled out the rest of our garden, and am just starting school. :) Your flowers look beautiful.

  8. Your blooms and plants are so beautiful. In Switzerland we have autumn.
    I wish you a wonderful holiday


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