It's not my turn to do the washing up.

14 Sep 2006

We don't have a dishwasher and never have. My husband says that's what children are for but I do more dishwashing than anyone in the house and secretly I quite enjoy it. Sloshing around in warm water, magically making dirty things clean is actually quite fun. Yes this may label me as a slightly strange person but so be it. It's one of those instant gratification tasks; dirty dishes in' clean dishes out. Ofcourse sometimes there is a bit of effort involved but not too much and because it's not rocket science, washing up time when you're alone is dream time or if it is shared, it's chatting time.

Why am I waxing lyrical about washing up? I've just knitted a new dishcloth. I know, small things amuse and please small minds. I knitted several dishclothes about six years ago but they have recently all thrown in the towel ( get it). I used Sugar and Spice cotton yarn to make them but this is now unattainable in Launceston and I'm not going to pay postage on yarn for dishclothes. Anyway while sifting through the wool at the Salvos shop(thrift shop) I found a ball of variagated 8ply cotton and two balls of aqua cotton.

So, as a short break from knitting various fairy tale body parts on 2mm needles I made a new dishcloth. It is actually a good idea to vary needle sizes when you do a lot of knitting,ie, work on different types of projects as it helps to prevent repetitive strain injuries. It is a very simple pattern that I made up. There are 40 stitches and the pattern is groups of four plain and purl for four rows then reverse.

If you want more dishcloth patterns then check out this site. Happy dish washing, plunge right in, you'll love it!

7 Responses to “It's not my turn to do the washing up.”

  1. hi jenny
    i do have a dishwasher, recently installed after 3 years stored in the garage which is a good thing for me as i would let the mountain of dishes pile up then it became an unpleasant task. but i do have, and use daily a hills washing line. i love doing laundry, hanging it clean and wet in the morning then bringing it in dry and crisp at night! imagine not being 'allowed' to!
    ps love the green stool

  2. Hi Louise, I enjoy doing the washing too but I sometimes get a bit stuck on the sorting and putting away.

  3. Hi Jenny
    I think these dish cloths are a wonderful idea. I just haven't got around to knitting one yet. I think I'll do it when I get tires of the cardigan I'm knitting right now. We don't have a dishwasher either, but my kitchen cloths are old terry nappies I've cut up...not very stylish!lol!

  4. Your dishcloths are a wonderful idea.I do have a dishwasher but I need also dishclothes and now I'll knitting one. Thank you for this beautiful idea.

  5. Little Jenny Wrenne,

    After Christmas, I bout a skein of red, white, and green yarn on sale. I intended to learn to crochet, but I ended up just knittint a hot pad. Now, I'm concerned that the hot pad isns't thick enough, so I'm going to use it as a dishcloth. I don't remember what weight and ply it is, but I think it must be 4 ply worsted weight cotton yarn. I have another skein in white -- It's 100 percent cotton.

    I'm by no means an expert knitter. Do you know if this weight is ok for me to use as a heating pad? Or, should I use it only as dishcloth? Is it suitable for washing delicate dishes?

    I hope you don't mind answering such basic questions.

  6. I agree on the dishwashing. When our four children still lived at home I jokingly suggested to Richard that we buy a dishwasher. He said, "We don't need to. We produced four of our own." I replied, "Yes, but they don't work and you can't get the plumber to come and fix them."

    I've never wanted a dishwasher and even when I've stayed in places where there is one, I refuse to use it. My daughter thinks I'm actually scared of them!

    I admit that I rarely dry the dishes. I wash them in one sink and rinse them in the other, and leave them to dry in the rack.

  7. Hi Jenny, I used to hate doing dishes back when I didn't have a dishwasher; now that I have one for quite some time, I find myself still washing many by hand. You are right ~ there is a sense of satisfaction that comes from it, and I don't think I shall replace the dishwasher when it finally dies. I really like the dishcloth.


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