Injured Boy

19 Sep 2006

I had a lovely post already planned in my head to write yesterday but fate stepped in. We had to rush to the Casualty department at the hospital with my eldest son, he had cut his hand quite badly on some glass. He was doing some work around the house sanding some window frames to get the ready for painting. He leant a litttle on one of the glass panes to open the window, it broke and slashed the side of his right hand.

Many hours later we arrived home. Thankfully he didn't have to have full surgery as they decided to stitch it up and assess it in one week . He cut through an artery and the nerve that supplies half of his little finger and through the muscles on the side of his hand at the base of his little finger. If the feeling has started coming back in his finger when he is reassessed then he won't need any surgery.

The poor thing is asleep so I don't know how he slept through the night or if he had much pain. He was very brave, I know he is 17 and supposed to be brave but the site of your hand hanging open is enough to unsettle many.

This is our second time at Casualty this year, last time was with #2 son when he had a burst appendix . Lets hope these things don't come in threes. I am so grateful his injury wasn't worse and that we were able to get help reasonably quickly.

I'm off to make a coffee and banish yesterday's awful hospital coffee from my memory. I hope next time I have cheerier news.

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  1. WOW! Very scary! We had a scary event a couple of years ago when son #2 hit son#3 in the head with a baseball bat...son #3 walked up behind him and son #2 did not hear him before he made his swing. 8 stitches to the eyebrow later... eww. It is always so hard, no matter how old they are, to see them in pain, or to wait out the terrible time before you know all will be well.

    Hope he has a speedy recovery and that his reassessment goes well!

  2. I hope your son's hand heals perfectly without surgery, but I guess the important thing is for him to regain full use of his hand.

    No matter how old they are, when they are injured or sick, they are still your little children, aren't they?

  3. Ohh poor baby and mama. I glad it is not too bad. Clarice

  4. Hi Jenny
    I hope everything goes well for your son next week. The good thing is young people heal so well! Enjoy your coffee, get some rest and I'll be thinking of you all...he was such a good boy for helping do up the house!

  5. Oh, I'm so glad he is okay! What a sweet boy to help you with the house.

  6. Best wishes ofr his recovery. I hope you both get some rest today after your ordeal.


  7. Thanks for all your good wishes.I don't like the sound of that baseball bat, very scarey.


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