Indulge me

29 Sep 2006

I've been taking happy snaps in the garden again so you can stroll around with me while I chat. We've had some violent wind storms here lately, almost thought the house would blow away but the only damage was a limb blown off a wattle tree. When I took my photos though it was still and calm.

This weekend is Grand Final weekend, that is the AFL Grand Final(Australian Rules Football). In this family we all follow different teams and my dad's team is the only one in the final. We usually have some special "footie" food to eat while we watch the game and some fizzy cordial.

The only people who are really interested in the game are son#1 and my dad but it's a good excuse for some junk food and some years the game is really exciting.

I have made some progress with my daughter's cardigan, just the sleeves to go. I think it will be very pretty on her, feminine without being fussy.

Yesterday the patterns I ordered from the USA arrived only one week after I ordered them. It was actually cheaper to buy them online and from another country than from the shop in town. The only shop that sells patterns here is part of a national chain and their pattern department is hopeless. They only carry one of each size of each pattern and if you miss out on that it has to be ordered. Last time I ordered one it took two months to arrive.

I'm looking forward to doing some sewing for us two girls. I don't sew for the boys any more now that they are teenagers.

I also happened upon two lovely dress patterns at the Salvos shop. Only 50cents each, the right size and never been used.

We have just had our last load of wood delivered for the year. We are still having fires most nights , there has even been snow in the highlands.

The spring bulbs are still popping up, bluebells and dutch irises are just appearing. The stone fruit blossoms have all gone and are setting fruit but the pear and apple trees are just beginning to flower. Apple blossom is so innocent and beautiful.

My children keep their birthday cards in a scrapbook. We were looking through them earlier this week because my daughter and I were sticking some cards in.

My daughter had these three beautiful fairy tale cards in her book. I saw a similar picture on Mumintroll's blog. She talks about telling fairy tales from many countries while sitting in a forest. It sounded idyllic.

My little fairy tale characters are taking shape.
They have taken longer than I expected because I have been darting around doing other things.

Don't you just love these little violas? It is a plant I rescued from the throw out table at the supermarket. They hadn't watered the poor thing and it was nearly dead and very leggy from being indoors. I bought it about 3 months ago and it has been flowering at my front door ever since.

Have a peaceful weekend.

4 Responses to “Indulge me”

  1. The violas are lovely! (although I call them Johnny-jump-ups) All your spring flowers are beautiful.

    Thanks for the peek into your knitting basket as well. They're adorable!!

  2. Your spring flowers are so beautiful. And the violas are one of my favourites flowers.

  3. Lovely flowers and your fairy tale characters are so cute!


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