21 Sep 2006

I have just spent one frustrating hour trying to put some new things in my ETSY shop and for some reason it refuses to upload my pictures.
Some times I think it would be easier and quicker to teach a budgie to knit than do anything quickly on a computer. Have any other ETSY people ever had this problem? Is it them or me? I have actually uploaded one of my doll pictures with this blog just to prove to myself it can be done.

Enough of this ranting. I have some peaceful pictures of a viburnum in my front garden to calm my nerves

This is a clivea my mum gave me many years ago. Normally it lives near the front door but it started to look ill last summer so I put in the back garden near the hydrangeas and forgot about it. The poor thing has been burnt by the winter frosts and looks terrible but it has produced two beautiful flowers.

Here is one of my new dolls. She is dressed ready for the Australian summer. She is smaller than my usual dolls, just right for little hands.

I feel a bit calmer now. Time for a hot chocolate, a good book and then a snuggly bed. Good night.

7 Responses to “Help!!!!”

  1. Those hydrangeas are wonderful. Clarice

  2. awwwww! That doll is too cute for words!

  3. Your dolls are so sweet. I really like her.

    That viburnum looks so fresh and cool, I'm sure I could smell it from here. Although I'm not sure that that variety has a strong perfume, does it?

  4. Thanks for the compliments about the doll. Alice, the viburnum is the one that doesn't have a fragrance but it is very beautiful.

  5. Your doll is so sweet and cute..I really like her.
    Hydrangeas are my favourite flowers in my garden.

  6. The doll is precious! What a beautiful job you do Jenny.


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