Afternoon Tea and a Good Long Yarn

1 Sep 2006

Time for a knitting update. After my blue confessions I have rationalised my list of projects. The denim blue wool/cotton cardigan that I had almost finished,just 1 1/2 fronts to go, had to be unpicked because I just couldn't find the pattern and as the front had a lace panel I couldn't just make it up. I originally bought the yarn to make a sweater for my husband but had diverted it so I will go back to my original plan and knit him a summer sweater. I am continuing slowly with my periwinkle blue cardigan, just the sleeves to go now. My mohair blend plain cardigan is progressing well being worked on when we travel in the car or I go to a knitting group etc. The Pearl Buck Swing Jacket is having a rest for the moment as I have started a little project for my daughter.

This little cardigan is from a Vogue Knitting from a couple of years ago. It is a Jo Sharp design. I have mentioned her before. She is from Western Australia. The pattern is in 8ply and is in womens sizes. My daughter is 9 and nowhere near even the smallest womens size.

So, I'm knitting the largest size but in 4ply baby wool on size 3.5mm needles. The wool is Italian and is superfine merino. I'm not sure if that means the raw wool actually came from Australia or if they have merinos in Italy. Australia is well known for its superfine merino fleece.

The wool goes well with the little skirt my daughter got for her birthday andl is so light and soft I'm sure she will be able to wear it right through spring. The wool comes in 50g balls and goes on for ever. I have only used one ball for the back.

For afternoon tea today I made Banana Choc-chip Muffins .These are a family favourite that we haven't had for months. One of the key ingredients, the banana, has been so expensive I couldn't bear to buy any. Because of a cyclone in Queensland earlier in the year which wiped out many banana plantations, bananas have been about $13 a kilo when they used to be about $2.50. Today I relented and bought one solitary banana. We ate part of it and the rest went into the muffins. It tasted so good. We have really missed that yummy flavour and soft texture. I could have happily scoffed the whole thing but managed to restrain myself.

The Recipe

2 cups plain flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon bicarb soda
1/4 cup brown sugar
2 tablespoons golden syrup
60g butter,melted ( with the golden syrup)
125g choc chips
1 banana, mashed
1 cup milk
1 egg, lightly beaten with fork

Mix the dry ingredients, add the banana and egg, the butter,syrup and milk. Lastly add the chocolate and mix together until just combined. I find it easiest to mix it with a fork. Two thirds fill muffin cups with mixture and bake at 180C/350F for about 15 minutes or until they smell cooked and are a light golden brown. Eat while still warm.
I use mini muffin trays , that way the children feel as though there are plenty to choose from and it removes the "eyes too big for the tummy problem" we have with large muffins. These are great for afternoon tea but we also have them for breakfast sometimes and the left overs can go into school lunches.

I'm still considering whether or not to go in the Red and Aqua Swap. I've never been in a swap before and I really should be spending my time on other things. Maybe I'll just have my own little Red and Aqua Festival by posting little bits and pieces . My problem is that I keep wanting to make red and aqua things, I'm possessed by images of red and aqua!!!!!!!

3 Responses to “Afternoon Tea and a Good Long Yarn”

  1. Is that moss stitch I spy? The muffins look yummy - and I shall give them a go! Is 8 ply what we call aran?

  2. Plain and simple, it is a variation of moss stitch, I think it is called Irish moss stitch. You knit 1, purl 1 for one row then purl the knit stitch and knit the purl stitch like you are going to do ribbing then you reverse it on the third row. Does that make sense. I think 8ply is aran, it is normally knitted on 4mm needles, or is it called doubleweight, I've seen that in some English patterns.

  3. mmm muffins sound yummy. I miss bananas too.

    I love that Bambi wool, I've used it before and it is sooo soft, and you are right, the balls go on forever! That is a great idea to use the same pattern but with 4ply wool.


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