Wood Gnome Mauler On The Loose

28 Aug 2006

The victim, a shy little wood gnome known to inhabit toy baskets and nature tables. Note the missing hand and chewed hair.

The suspects: are these siamese twins joined from birth at the hip? No, they are Fatty Fee and Maggie the Menace. Which of these is the perp of this hideous crime?

Upon questioning Fatty Fee had an unshakable alibi, this crazy cat needs 24 hours a day sleep or she can't function.

The evidence now points to Maggie the Menace who has a rap sheet as long as your arm. Look at that innocent face,what you can't see are the cold, heartless eyes of a GNOME MAULER!

The poor little gnome was found shaken and near death hiding in a fern grove. If anyone has any information that may lead to the arrest and conviction of his assailant please come forward.

We end this news bulletin with a lighter note: I have been reading of the Red and Aqua swap on some craft blogs. It inspired me to get together some of my red and aqua stash but I couldn't stop myself from adding some pink.

5 Responses to “Wood Gnome Mauler On The Loose”

  1. Hilarious! But, no CSI style grisley CGI!

  2. Thanks for putting a smile on my face. Also, I love the red and aqua!

  3. Mmm, you are a pretty good detective, girl. And I love, love the red and aqua goodies!

  4. Oh, I hope I get you for a swap partner. That collection looks delicious! Your cats are just beautiful.

  5. I love your sense of color and your gnomes are DARLING! Have you ever seen Debbie Bliss's Toy Knits? I think you'd like it.


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