Sunday Ramble

6 Aug 2006

I love the start of a brand new week. So many possibilities. I had a funny kind of weekend and didn't do anything I had planned. Instead we visited a small town about 45 minutes from here where my husband competed in a running race and my daughter and I, when not cheering him on, wandered the streets and enjoyed the sunshine. It was not a particularly picturesque town though it should be as it is near the sea, still it was interesting to have a look around. The boys stayed home recovering from their football and soccer games. And today I seemed to spend the whole day in the kitchen either eating, cooking or talking. Quite pleasant really.

My knitting group meets this week, this will be my second time. I'm not really sure about group knitting as it has always been a solitary experience for me. It was interesting to look at the different patterns and completed projects. There was also a lot of eating and drinking going on with the knitting and that is foreign to me as well. I normally knit and read or listen to music, maybe with a cuppa but never with food. The two just don't go together for me.

I heard about a group being promoted to use knitting as a way of giving up sm
oking because of the meditative quality of knitting and also because you can't hold knitting needles and a cigarette. That's how I feel about food and knitting - it's either one or the other but not both at the same time. Who knows maybe it's a skill I can acquire.

It is my birthday next week and I will be as old as my mother-in-law was when I first met her. What a terrifying thought. She was definitely
a middle aged woman with grown children and now I am too. I will be the same age as my mum was when I left home to go to uni. I will be 47, it's such a nothing age, very middle-age sounding and getting awfully close to 50. You can get pensioners insurance when you are 50. You can go to over 50's exercise classes.

The thing is I'm still figuring out all kinds of things about myself, my beliefs, my life. I always thought that would all be sorted out well b
efore now. Sometimes I feel as though I've gone in a thousand different directions but when I really look at it, most of what I was trying to do were just things I needed to do to get to where I am now.

to be nobody

but yourself in a world
which is doing its
best, night and
day, to make you
eveybody else
means to fight

the hardest battle
which any human being
can fight; and never
stop fighting.

e.e.cummings ..................................this is me being myself

11 Responses to “Sunday Ramble”

  1. Hi Jenny

    Firstly, I knit so I don't get tempted to eat too much. In fact, at the moment, when I'm knitting is the only time I'm not eating!lol! Secondly, the fact that you've reached the age of 47 and still feel that you're still on some kind of journey is testament to the inquisitiveness and thoughtfullness of your personality.

    PS I did email and it didn't come back returned so I think your email is OK now!

  2. Hi Jenny
    I really enjoy reading your posts - I think you have a lot of insight into yourself and are very generous in sharing yourself with others, which I admire.
    But I do have to say, I am quite partial to the knitting and eating (and drinking) - you just have to be a bit careful that's all!

  3. Congratulations on your birthday! I agree with Mrs. Plain and Simple--you sound like you are still enjoying life and looking for it!
    p.s. 50 isn't very different from 47...

  4. Oops, forgot to say, I love the "picture" of you being yourself!

  5. Oooh, I love birthdays, even ordinary ones! You'll enjoy yourself, regardless. How fun. I love the way you put that about being as old as your MIL when you met her. That does put a different perspective on things! hehe.

  6. Hello Jenny,

    Your comments on your post are lovely and so very true. I don't think I could knit and eat at the same time either......however I have been thinking a lot about knitting of late and I sure it is because of blogs like yours and others who knit. I am wondering why I have not done it for many years now and think it is such a shame I ever stopped.

    I think a woman who is going to be 47 very soon and still feels there is so much of herself to discover yet. Is a woman who is alive with the feelings of knowing as each day passes she with glimpse a little more of who she truly wonderful to wake each morning a new woman.

    Jenny I am going to be 54 this year and I am still discovering hopes one never stops.

    Have a wonderful day (your day!)

  7. Jenny ~ Firstly must say that I love the picture you used as 'you being yourself'!
    I don't eat when I'm crafting, but sometimes might have a cuppa...inevitably it gets cold.

    As I get older I sometimes find it hard to comprehend the actual age that I am...somehow it does not seem possible. I'm very much the same with still finding out about myself and life, and I hope that it continues for a very long, long time still.

    I hope you have a delightful week. :)

  8. Hello Jenny,
    Birthdays are funny, our age says one thing, but our hearts another.
    50 was a bit birthday for me, I felt so much freer. Now soon to be 52 in 8 days and it feels about like turning 47, not a special year at all, just simply another year.
    I have enjoyed reading your blog so much. Its nice to find another person living simply.

  9. Happy Birthday! I can't eat and knit either. I might bring myself a cookie with my cuppa, but I eat it first THEN I knit and sip.

  10. Jenny,
    I've never been in a knitting group, and I've never tried to eat & knit. I'm a bit klutzy so I don't think I'd do very well.
    I am also 47, and I understand exactly what you are talking about ~ there are many things I wish I had sorted out long before now! But I think/hope I will continue growing and learning the rest of my life.
    Best birthday wishes!


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