OH NO! She's making lists again

23 Aug 2006

On the weekend I received my last birthday present. It was from my brother and sister-in-law. Today I received the last birthday card for this year, it was from my father-in-law. So that is it, the birthday season in the Wren household is officially over. Our family birthdays stretch over an eight week period with a few extended family birthdays thrown in for good measure. It's a bit like a very long Christmas season.

Now that it is done and dusted I can start to think about Christmas. I'm starting to feel the need to write lists, make plans and then forget where I've put the lists and plans and start all over again. I have a funny feeling that we are hosting Christmas this year which is always fun. This happens every three or four years and my children love it when it is our turn.

Speaking of the Christmas Season, or Holiday Season as I think those on the other side of the Pacific call it, my present from my brother was this book by Melanie Falick. It is full of marvellous things though I don't know how many of them I will make just yet. There is a rather lovely pair of gloves and some Christmas decorations which I will give a try. Lots of other trifles as well but I'm not in the mood at the moment.

I read and thoroughly enjoyed another of her books Knitting In America, I think it has been republished recently as America Knits. She is an Inteweave Knits person, a past editor I think.

Another Interweave Knits book I have is Alterknits. This was last year's Christmas present and I have knitted a couple of things from it. It is lovely to look at for inspiration and I think it helps me to take my craft more seriously. I don't mean taking the fun out of knitting but it helps me to see that knitting is worthwhile as a means of self expression as well as being very practical.

You can never have too many beautiful books even if sometimes you can only borrow them from the library and pretend they are yours. I have many beautiful craft and gardening books that I have collected over the years. I so enjoy looking back through them, I even remember how I felt when I looked inside some of them for the first time. Bliss. Probably too much dreaming and not enough action mind you but oh, what great dreams!

8 Responses to “OH NO! She's making lists again”

  1. Ooh Ah! Just what I needed more ideas for things to knit. Thanks. :-)

  2. So, I'll ask something I've wondered about--what does Christmas look like in a house that is in the middle of summer?

    --Barbara, from where it snows....

  3. I love the adorable photo of the little girl and the title you gave it. I'm a great list maker -- unfortunately I leave the lists everywhere and do not always finish them.


  4. I'm an amazon addict for cookbooks; particularly the ones that tell a story because you are right - you can never have too many great books

  5. There is nothing as satisfying as a lovely knitting book, a cup of tea and industrious intentions...you need a bit of peace and quiet to do it properly though!

  6. My idea of bliss! (the books that is)

    I'm notorious for lists...and yes, I'm always losing them.

  7. Debbie Bliss is my favorite knit designer. She's from the U.K... I just adore her patterns. I think they are renditions of 'old-fashioned' patterns.


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