Meet the Girls

9 Aug 2006

Here are my fine fat hens/chooks/chickens. We only have three at the moment and they are on borrowed time after last summer's performance or should I say non performance. They are bantums and of varied parentage. We first got hens about fourteen years ago. Actually we got one hen who just arrived in our backyard. At first I thought she was just an apparition but as she got braver, she moved slower and came closer to the house. She was a lovely little grey hen and she used to come into the house and wander around stopping to chat every now and then. We never got any eggs from her as she laid them in the densest bushes she could find.

Not long after she arrived we got some ducks. The Jemima Puddleduck story is quite true, ducks are terrible sitters. We had two ducks and a drake so their eggs were fertile. Our dear little hen sat on that great pile of eggs and when they hatched, about half a dozen, she mothered them. She was a marvellous mother and they followed her everywhere. When she tried to show them how to scratch in the
dirt I don't know who was more confused. The silly ducklings kept standing right behind her and got covered in dust. The ducklings became increasingly interested in the ducks and started mucking around in their little pond .The poor hen was so distressed. At bed time the ducklings always went back to their hen mother but I think it was breaking her heart. She met an unfortunate and untimely end when attacked by a rottweiler. She was a wonderful friend .

The ducks continued to multiply inspite of thei
r poor mothering skills and threatened to take over the neighbourhood and we won't mention their copious amounts of sloppy poo. They went to a better place(no, not heaven). Next we acquired an Old English Game hen and rooster followed by three beautiful fluffy bottomed and feathery ankled hens( they have a special name but I don't know what it is). We eventually had 11 chooks including a couple of roosters and our new neighbours complained about the roosters who did relay crowing from about 4am. We couldn't find any one to adopt the roosters so our friend the vet put them down for us.

Old age and the occasional dog attack has se
en numbers slide to just three. The girls seem perfectly content to cruise around the garden eating, scratching, taking dust baths, coming to the kitchen window for a breakfast treat. They don't seem to realise that they are supposed to supply us with eggs. This spring we will have to get some new chooks, ofcourse the old ones will stay, maybe they will even learn a thing or two about laying eggs.

Spring definitely seems to be on the way.

7 Responses to “Meet the Girls”

  1. Love the photo's. One of our rabbits tunneled out and hass gone frre range with our chickens. She lies with them under the tree's in their dust baths. The chickens go in at night but the rabbit won't. She's suceeded over being the fox's dinner for a whole month now!

  2. It all sounds so lovely.I would love chickens myself but with dogs and neighbors, probably not so smart. Thanks for posting on my blog! Yours is lovely, I really enjoy the photos.

  3. I too would love some chickens, and if our garden magically inceases by ten metres over night I met just get some...hmmm! What grat Springtime photos!

  4. your photos give me a feeling of contentment and peace! I love the three roaming chooks! and the garden that is blooming into a spring wonder!

    I will enjoy more photos of your spring when it truly arrives.

  5. I loved reading about your chickens and ducks. I have really enjoyed raising chickens, and luckily our neighbors are not so close that they are annoyed by our crowing rooster. We also had ducks, but like yours they have gone to 'a better place'.

  6. We didn't have much luck with hens and eggs either, but we sure did love having them. By the way, do you know the name of the lovely bell-shaped flower w/green dots? We found this in our yard last spring, but couldn't find out what it was.


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