Little Jenny Wren and the Baby Wrens

27 Aug 2006

Tonight my #1 son, my first baby headed off to the school ball. 
So handsome and so sweet. 
All the boys looked wonderful in their suits and the girls were fabulous in their grown up dresses.
 Oh, to be seventeen again.
 It was fun figuring out who you were and trying on lots of different versions of you to see which one suited the best.

 Pretty painful at times too, for everyone concerned.

Teenagers, for all their bad press, are just lovely. 
So fresh and alive, so critical and scathing, so self conscious and needy, so interesting and interested.
 I have some great times with my boys and thankfully they seem quite happy to talk to us when they are troubled. 
So far so good.

My smallest baby wanted a baby of her own so I made this one for her birthday last year. Her name is Tabitha ( yes named after the one on Bewitched).
She is the same length and has the same head circumference as my babies when they were born. 
She weighs 2 1/2 pounds which is much less than my babies but because she is a dead weight - that doesn't sound very nice does it - she feels heavier. 
Tabitha fits into size 00000 clothes which are for premmie babies so my daughter thinks it is wonderful that she can go shopping for her baby's clothes in the real baby department.

The pink legs are actually tights and the booties are a pair that my auntie knitted for my second son because she was certain he was going to be a girl. He was given a lot of pink clothes by my mum and my auntie because I think they were willing him to be a girl. He was an exceptionally pretty baby ( especially when I dressed him in pink).

2 Responses to “Little Jenny Wren and the Baby Wrens”

  1. This reminds me of some of the lovely fairy tale dolls I saw when I visted Germany. I love them. And most especially love the adorable mother goose poem.
    "She waggled with her tail,
    And nodded with her head"
    ...ah the stuff of life : )

  2. I can honestly say I liked 90% of the teenagers I taught. It's just the other 10% that gives them such a bad press...and to be honest when I became a special needs teacher (with EBD boys) their backgrounds were often so awful you could understand the agression. I like your ryhme...I like the idea of you near your shed, waggling your tail...


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