How does your garden grow ?

30 Aug 2006

It's almost time to start work in the vegie garden. At the moment we have broad beans, broccoli, leeks, onions and silver beet (swiss chard) growing. Last year our broccoli grew slowly over winter and when we harvested it in the spring it was delicious, very sweet and no cabbage moth grubs. We have a terrible problem with cabbage moth on brassicas planted in spring so it was a revelation to have perfect sweet unmolested broccoli last spring. I won't bother planting it at any other time.

You can smell spring in the air. There is blossom on all the stone fruit trees: apricot, greengage, cherry plum, nectarine and cherries. The apple trees and pear are still bare. Last summer was a great season for strawberries. We were given new plants which were runners from a friend's garden and they were prolific fruiters. We also grow alpine strawberries: white when ripe, tiny fruit and the most intense strawberry flavour you will ever taste.

I will plant some peas later this week directly in the garden but any other seeds will need to be planted under glass. I haven't tried this before but I will this year to give some seedlings an early start.

We have had the driest winter on record and a bad bushfire season is forecast. Living in town we are not really in any danger from bushfires but it does mean there will probably be significant water restrictions.

Some years ago, 8 to be precise I bought a pack of 28 six inch squares of 30's reproduction fabrics. They have been safely tucked away waiting for their day. Well it has come and I have combined them with some gingham square to make a simple but very pretty quilt top. I will probably back it and use it as a cheery table cloth.

I love this blue and pink floral, very fresh and happy.

This farm fabric is also a favourite and comes in two colourways. The simplicity of the gingham is just right and even though the quilt looks very busy the overall effect is quite homey and calm.

A parcel arrived yesterday from Hannah of Gently Tiptoe. It was to celebrate her 100th post and I was lucky enough to win the bootie. It was full of delicious chocolates and a dear little

notebook. Thanks so much. I'm devastated to report that 24 hours later there is not one piece of chocolate left, we all had a wonderful chocolatey time.

7 Responses to “How does your garden grow ?”

  1. Congratulations on your chocolate win. What a lovely surprise that must have been to open that box. It is so neat to hear what you are going to plant in your garden. We are just starting to plan our winter garden and we harvested our potatoes yesterday.

  2. Hi Jenny
    Just as you're planting I'm harvesting...after all that jam I shall soon be making chutney! You lucky thing ...all of that chocolate through the post!

  3. Hello Jenny,
    We are at the start of spring here too and yes you can feel it in the day! and the evenings show signs of great nights were barbecue time is here. (well almost)

    We are planting carrots this weekend and the potatoes will go in soon too. We are on very stricked water restrictions this year, the whole of central vic is so a decision had to be made to go ahead with the veg garden or not I am so glad we decided to go ahead.

    I am very worried about our many fruit trees though.

    Well will see you again real soon.

  4. Our weather is starting to turn, too, but the "other" way, towards autumn. Let's hope it stays this pleasant!

    Beautiful quilt --

  5. wonderful looking chocolates !
    the quilt top is beautful. Such good colors and the gingham works so well with them.
    We are heading towards fall time now and I am so glad, its been so hot and so dry here. We all need a break from it.

  6. I LOVE that quilt top!I must admit that gives me the fever to start another project.(Must stay focused. Must stay focused.)I need chocolate...Wait it's all gone isn't it? ;0)

  7. Thanks for the comliment Jenny! It was a vintage thrifted curtain!!! Probably the same one! Pretty quilt,congrats on all the chocolate!!


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