Honey Jumbles

22 Aug 2006

We had a wonderful time in Hobart. The weather was so-so but the company was good and it was lovely to have a break in our normal routine. My son's soccer team lost their game 1- 0, the goal was scored in time on. Soccer is such an excruciating game. My son played really well and was named as one of the best on the ground. He never stopped running for the whole game and we were very proud of him. After his game my daughter and I caught a bus into the city while the boys watched the next game. I was on a mission after finding out about a shop which supplies felted wool. Such a lovely little shop. My thanks to Kali for the tip. We only had a short time there but the ladies were so friendly and enthusiastic about everything they had for sale it was worth the bus ride.

The wool, I think goes very well with the Honey Jumbles we took for morning tea. I'm surprised there were any left actually, my younger son has an unlimited appetite and a fondness for Honey Jumbles.

Yesterday I sorted through some fabrics I bought on special a couple of weeks ago and started work on a needle case which may be a prototype for my shop. This is the inside, the felt is supposed to stop the needles from rusting.

And this is the finished product. I was really pleased with it especially as it was very pleasant to make and turned out exactly as I imagined it.

7 Responses to “Honey Jumbles”

  1. I love the colours and the needle case is gorgeous! Well done :) I can imagine they'll sell like hot honey jumbles when you get your shop going!

  2. Those honey jumbles look so yummy; I wish I had some for my morning tea. I love the fabrics, and your needle case is beautiful ~ great job!

  3. The wool is lovely and great colors. Your needle cases are delightful. Beautiful work

  4. Okay, Jenny... that Needle Book is so incredibly adorable! I WANT ONE! But, then again, I adore your fabrics, too... as you know, I have a thing for fabrics! Can't wait to see those in your etsy shoppe.

  5. I too wish I had some honey jumbles too. I love your needle case, so sweet. Clarice

  6. Eye-catching fabrics and your needlecase is so sweet. I think I'll need to treat myself to one!
    Glad you enjoyed the shop, I found the ladies in there a real treat.


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