Hobart Bound

17 Aug 2006

Busy housework and baking day today as tomorrow we are off to Hobart, our capital city. My eldest son has his state soccer final tomorrow so we are going to cheer them on. The team is going down this afternoon so they can have a practise and an early night and avoid travelling tomorrow. They are going out to an Italian restaurant tonight so I think he will have a really good time.

Hobart is a couple of hours drive from here and the weather is often very different from ours. Our town is in a valley on a river sorrounded by mountains but they are 30-60 minutes drive away. Hobart is on a large harbour so is much closer to the sea and they have a large mountain right on their doorstep. Hobart tends to have more extremes of weather and in winter can be very windy.

Until I was 12 I hadn't ever been to Hobart as in the 60s and 70s, and I guess before then, unless you had relatives there or business you didn't bother. I was brought up to believe that My town was a much better place to live and the north of the state was the best place on earth so why would you bother to go anywhere else.

When I had to spend 3 months in Hobart as a final year uni student I absolutely loved it. I loved exploring the inner city streets and going to coffee shops and pubs with roaring open fires.

I realise this picture looks a bit smoggy but it is just the early morning fog and haze as the earth starts to warm up.You can't see Mt Wellington in this picture, it is just to the left and the picture is looking towards the north.

Well I had better get moving, plenty to do and a whole day to do it.

7 Responses to “Hobart Bound”

  1. It looks like a lovely city. Good luck to your son at his game.

  2. It looks like a lovely city. I hope you have agood time cheering him on.

  3. Best of luck to your son at his game. Hope you have a lovely time.

    Hobart looks beautiful.

    Take care,

  4. Hey Jen, You're in my neck of the woods!
    I hope it all goes well for your Son and his team.
    One day we should catch up for a cuppa ;)

  5. Well I do hope the soccer is a great day for your family.

    My sister lives in Rosebay over the bridge from Hobart and they are the owners of a great spectical shop in The town center of Hobart. We love to visit every year, such a beautiful place.

    Have a lovely time.

  6. Am I seeing some changes on your 'spring' horizon? (blog looks different and lovely, of course) :)

  7. Good luck to your little one at his game! The city looks beautiful and I've heard it's a great place to explore :) Enjoy your day there!


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