A Free Range Life

2 Aug 2006

I love working out intricate timetables. I used to do it when I was a student studying for exams. When I stuck to my timetable I achieved a lot but my timetables were usually very unrealistic and did not take in to account my incredible ability to distract myself and my addiction to the adrenelin rush that comes from doing things at the last moment.

So I have read a lot in recent years about home management and drawn up many timetables so as to make the most of my time. Ofcourse they were a complete waste of my time. Now I'm happy to have set days for certain activities to take place and definite priorities but no rigid time allotment.

I read an article once about the Free Range Housewife and I realise that is me.Just as my hens have certain things they like to do at certain times of the day, they also like to be able to take advantage of what is going on around them. They make sure each day that they wake early, they get adequate food, their house is gone over and things rearranged if necessary, they go for walks and have dustbaths in the sunshine, they have long talks amongst themselves and when the shadows lengthen they hop onto their perch and tuck themselves in. They have taken care of their basic needs and revelled in simple opportunities for happiness.

Our jo
b is a creative one and although we need rhythms and routines in our day we also need to be able to let the day lead us. We must take the time to celebrate with our own rituals the beauty of each day and each task , even the unpleasant ones gives us real joy when they are finished. We must make sure our families are well-fed, have clean clothes and a clean, welcoming home but we must also be open to ways we can make our homes creative,organic places that nuture body and soul.

8 Responses to “A Free Range Life”

  1. What a nice post. (Does that mean I have to wash the teenager's ton of clothes that have sat in his bathroom for a week--with a smile???) I doubt it.

  2. Hello, Miss Jenny... I didn't have to hardly read through your blog to know I love it. :) The images and such that you place throughout... I LUUUUHHHHHVVVVVV them! So, so, so (or should I say, 'sew, sew, sew') DAHLING! :) I'll be back!

  3. Hi LJW

    This was a beautiful post - being "free range" takes a certain amount of discipline though!LOL...I always think my ironing can wait until I've baked this cake, or cast on, or made a hanging basket. If I were "free range" there would be too much "crafting" and not enough "grafting"! But that's becuase I lack impulse control LOL!

  4. A girl from my own heart who speaks my language!

    just loved this post yes! just loved it.

    My time table is full every day but I always have time for a chat and a cup of tea at my kitchen table.

  5. Jenny

    Aah! I've lost your email address and I wanted to know your etsy address because of the dolls you make. I've deleted the email address I gave you originally so here's my real one: nataliemarlow227@yahoo.co.uk

  6. Natalie, if you go to my blogger profile and click on email my littlejennywren address will come up. I haven't opened my etsy shop yet because of all the trouble we have had with changing over to our new internet provider, it has taken a month to get it all going properly. My shop should be up and running next week.

  7. I hate thankless tasks like cleaning the house!! I've made timetables for them horrible jobs in the past, but it just grinds me down!! I just like sewing, making cake then eating it, and I'm usually totally obl;ivious to the mess around me!!

  8. Jenny,
    A great post! I have trouble sticking to rigid schedules...I like the idea of having a certain list of things to accomplish, but also fitting in time to nurture creativity.


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