The Day After The Day Before

2 Aug 2006

Well, my daughter's birthday is done and dusted for another year. My baby is growing up, I wouldn't and couldn't try to stop her but it is happening so fast she will be a teenager before I know it. Her day was a great success and most of the party food was eaten - this is always very satisfying for the cook as long as there is enough left over for school lunches and afternoon tea the next day.

One of our
family favourites is Jelly Oranges. My Auntie always made these for our childhood birthdays and I have carried on the tradition.
To make this amazing treat you will need: 1
or 2 packets of jelly( jello, I think in the US)
3 to 6 oranges.

  • First you have to get the skin off the oranges in two intact hemispheres. I score the orange along the north/south axis cutting through its belly button and where the stalk joins.

  • I very carefully cut just under the skin at the north and south poles to make sure the skin will come away more easily. Make sure you don't puncture the skin.

  • With the bowl of a teaspoon I carefully ease the skin away from the orange, again making sure not to break the skin. After you have removed both halves of the rind you can clean out any extra orange flesh that is clinging to the sides

  • Make the jelly according to the instructions on the pack but with about 100ml less water so the jelly is a little firmer.

  • Place the orange halves on a muffin tray or something similar to keep the shells stable and pour the jelly in as close to the top as you can. I don't have a picture of this as I put the tray straight into the fridge when I finished without spilling a drop and didn't want to tempt fate by getting it out again.

  • Once the jelly is set I cut each half into four pieces and then each of these in half again so they are triangular shaped. You can leave them bigger but it means the children are more likely to get jelly all over their faces. At this stage yesterday the guests had arrived and I didn't have time to do any more happy snaps until things had quietened down. This is all that was left at the end of the first sitting and they disappeared about two minutes later.

I have not yet discovered a good way to use up the discarded orange middles. I usually freeze them hoping for a solution. Children love making big slurping noises as they suck the jelly out of the orange. This is not compulsory and can be very annoying to some mothers which tends to make the slurping even louder.

6 Responses to “The Day After The Day Before”

  1. Wow - these look so nice. My kids will love these!

  2. Happy Birthday to your baby girl Jen....It's so true that time goes and they grow up so fast. It's certainly a blessing to have them in our lives!

    I remember these! Oh, it's been years since I've seen them...thanks for the tutorial...I must remember to make some this summer. Your choc filled meringues look yummy too.

    Glad the party was such a success. I love having some food left over for the next day too...extends the party/birthday feeling.

  3. Kali,the meringues are actually glued together with good old nutella.

  4. Thank you I have never had these. I bet my girls would love them !!! Clarice

  5. That is something I have not seen! However, my grandmother used to use the same orange rinds and put orange or lemon or rainbow sherbet in them. It had been a popular thing when she was growing up to put some sort of pudding or custard in them, so that is what she did for us when we were small. Sometimes she would use lemon rinds instead. Then, in typical American fashion, someone manufactured plastic lemon and orange rind cups, so you didn't have to go to all the trouble...she had a whole set of those, and the lids were the top of the orange with a leaf on it.

  6. This is so great I havent done these for years!!!


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