24 Aug 2006

Picture by Elsa Beskow

Here is a little something to think on:

Childhood is a time for learning about the essentials~

about the heavenly world and the earthly,
about goodness, beauty and truth.

Childhood is a time to be loved and to love,
to express fear and to learn trust,
to be serious, to be calm,
and to celebrate with laughter and joy.

Children have the right to dream, and to grow at their own pace.
They have the right to make mistakes
and the right to be forgiven.

Children have the right to be spared violence and hunger,
to have a home and protection,
and support for growing up healthy,
with good habits and sound nutrition.

Children need people to respect,
adults whose example and loving authority they follow.
They need a range of experience ~ tenderness and kindness,
boldness and courage, even mischief and misbehavior.

Children need a loving relationship with the earth~
with animals and with nature,
with families and community.

Children need moments for devotion and space for curiosity,
protective boundaries and freedom to create,
and time to rest, to play, to work.

Children need to be introduced to a life of principles,
and given the freedom to discover their own.

The spirit of childhood calls for protection and nurture.
It is an essential part of every human being
and needs to be kept alive.

Alliance for Childhood
Partners working together for healthy childhood.

6 Responses to “Childhood”

  1. O.K., I saw your post on my friend's blog, A Hopefull Hollar, and I have to ask if Jenny Wren is your name or if it references something or some character. Jenny Wren was a nickname my grandmother used to call me, and I never asked where she got the name. Just curious.

    We visited your beautiful country in 2000. Of all my travels, I must say that Australia is my favorite. Such a rich history!

  2. Jenny Wren,

    that is a very lovely post and ALL so true. So nice to read.

    I have been missing in action for a few days as my mother has been over and we had a lovely time.

    now I must go back and read more of your chats I have missed.

    have a truly lovely day.

  3. This is so beautiful and with an image from Elsa Beskow to boot. I can't think of a better combination. To me her books are about innocence and beauty and treasured childhood. We try to give that to our children and it is amazing to watch them unfold naturally. Today we took off my dd training wheels. She is 6 1/2 and quite late to ride her bike I think compared to other children. But we took them off and she just knew how to ride. She felt so confident and her soul just danced with joy. That is what being a child is about.

  4. Hi genell, my grannie always called me Little Jenny Wren probably from the nursery rhyme. It wasn't until I started this blog that I found out about Jenny Wren, the Dickens character in A Mutual Friend and isn't it an amazing coincidence that she was a dolls dressmaker and I am a dollmaker. There is also the other nursery rhyme Who Killed Cock Robin which I remember hearing as a child.

    I'm glad you enjoyed Australia when you visited.

    Hi Lee-Ann, glad to hear from you again

  5. Hi LJW

    I could comment forever on this (I could have a real high horse moment)but just to let you know I've visited the site you linked to and have signed up. Why can't society value its children?


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